Monday “go-getter” / Wednesday “forgetter”

I laid out three small expectations for the week..

Don’t laugh, these are seriously small goals, but I know how undisciplined I am, and I had to start somewhere.

#1 Drink 68 ounces of water every day

#2 Take my vitamins- all of them-every day.

#3 Challenge my heart at least three times this week.(not emotionally 😉; physically through exercise.)

So here we are on Thursday and (shocker) so far I’m not only on task, but I’m doing even more than I hoped.

You see my problem isn’t ability; it’s consistency. 

I’m  a Monday go getter..


but a Wednesday forgetter.


That in a nutshell is what I need to address

and nothing is as motivating as





photocredit:Fitness & Wellness News,Runner’s World






    • At least you know though that you CAN stick to something…I was starting to think I couldn’t commit to ONE blessed thing anymore! Right now, I’m staring at about 60 ounces of water in my decanter..and by golly, I’m going to get busy because I did it all this week and I’m not going to blow it this last day..On the exercise part I went for only three days because i know me too well..and I was desperate for success this week more than anything..just getting myself to the gym was a MAJOR deal..and I only did 1/2 hour on the treadmill specifically to work my heart hard and then leave..did a little free-weight stuff at home but didn’t add that to my list cause I know this is an area I can easily give up in. All in all I’m pretty proud just accomplishing these three small things..a few nights were rough because I didn’t drink all my water before 6pm..but I did it. Not adding anything new this week either..just want to see if I can do this again.

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