How do we handle God’s blessings and gifts?

PhotoSpin Office Imagery © 2001 PhotoSpin

I am totally enjoying having a dresser in my bedroom- finally! It feels soo good walking up to those beautiful drawers in the morning and pulling out a neatly folded shirt instead of having to rifle through a plastic bin in my closet! But as I gazed upon this masterpiece of IKEA fabulousness yesterday, it struck me that something was missing..a painting or a mirror over top.  You see that’s the hidden story behind most, if not all, improvements you make at thing leads to the next, leads to the next..

So off I went to “At Home” this huge Home Good’s style store about twenty minutes from my house. This place is MASSIVE, like airplane hangar huge, and stocks just about everything you could possibly need for your abode.

I went directly to the corner where they keep their canvas prints.. hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. I was absolutely confident I’d find some decent, but relatively inexpensive, art work I could hang above my new dresser.

45 minutes later I was marching out of the store to my car..empty handed, completely frustrated and in total disbelief. I have never seen that much store inventory reduced to junk in my was shocking. Canvases of every size were stuffed so tightly into dysfunctional displays that you couldn’t pull any out without scratching them across neighboring pieces. Almost 70% of the art was already seriously damaged. I could not believe the state of the so called merchandise..

Was there a manager running things here? Didn’t anyone care at all? Whoever shoved all the art work away like that was clearly more interested in storing it than selling it..I mean who wants to pay good money for crap?

I thought about the damaged canvases all day…I thought about the walls they won’t hang on, the gifts they will never be, the joy they can now never bring because they were handled with so little care…what a horrible waste!  I mean someone chose each single one of those pieces imagining they would/could eventually be enjoyed by others..

I thought about my life..

Have there been times when I’ve done things in a sloppy fashion just to get it done..when the finished product was clearly below my standards or purposely (passive-aggressively) unworkable?

Have there been times when I’ve simply gone through the motions in a completely disengaged manner because my heart just wasn’t “in it?”

Have there been times when my lousy attitude has hurt those closest to me?

Have there been times when I haven’t recognized or appreciated the value of what I have been blessed with?

I wondered if my lack of caring ever came through as loud and clear as it did at the display of canvases..

I’m sure it did.

All of this made me think of a verse in the bible:


The thought of the Lord looking down on my life and seeing that I’ve carelessly stuffed some of the gifts and opportunities He’s given me into unmanageable, unworkable, unusable piles of damaged potential with unrealized blessing makes me gasp.






photocredit:Crafty Housewife,Employed. Now what?,Pinterest

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