My Underpants have a HOME!


So last night, at about 11pm, my wonderful husband finished putting together my new, 8-drawer, IKEA dresser.

My underpants finally have a home!

For reasons I haven’t really thought much about until recently, we just didn’t prioritize getting any furniture for our bedroom when we moved up to Charlotte in the fall of 2015. The downstairs was clearly our biggest concern..fixing up the kitchen, laying down flooring, adding the butler’s pantry, yes…buying furniture, appliances and of course painting..painting..and did I mention painting?  All this was quickly followed by the all-consuming bathroom projects and hey, like I said, our bedroom wasn’t even on the radar.

For the past year my under-things (and frankly plenty of over-things) have lived in various bins and boxes I dragged up here from the old house. My underwear specifically have been stored in a plastic container that I used to keep my pasta in…so yeah. 😐

After spending most of December back down in Florida where I was able to put my socks, shirts and PJs  into actual drawers that open and close, I announced to my husband that I was absolutely ready for bedroom furniture in Charlotte. He of course, saw nothing wrong with life as it was..including having our  bedroom TV perched on an upside-down moving box and 2 folding tray tables substituting as nightstands. Pulling a pair of shorts out of a shoebox next to his ammunition every morning was probably an affirming, “manly-man” ritual he looked forward to.. I, on the other hand, had finally had enough.

A quick look through furniture stores however made me realize that investing in an actual suite of pricey bedroom furnishings was crazy…so off to IKEA we went. I got the huge dresser and he got a 6 drawer highboy for a bit over $400.

So today, I am happy to announce to the world that after 15 long months of what I call “home-camping” I finally get to fill my drawers!

I feel like a giddy newly wed…❤️

Husbands..take note.

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