Alternate Realities..


This morning I read about an inaugural parade that will be taking place to compete with Mr. Trump’s parade. There is an expanding list of “celebrities” who will be joining in on the fun, (no doubt with plenty of press coverage.) pathetic.

Full disclosure, I have never watched any inaugural parade either in person or on TV, and I won’t be this year either; I’ve got way too much painting to do.

Full disclosure again, readers of this blog know my ambivalent feelings about Trump.

But come on now..let’s all grow up here.  This stunt (among many) isn’t only stupid, but it’s feeding this very corrosive idea that those who didn’t vote for this man can create a parallel reality for our country; think I’m joking?

President Obama has stated that he wants to stay in Washington in order to ensure that his legislation and legacy are protected and to organize the Democratic opposition. Usually former presidents stand at the door of Air Force One, wave farewell and fly off into the sunset.. but I guess the alternate reality crowd needs a leader, and Barack has accepted this shadow-president position.  I’m not even sure he will have the proper credentials to enter the private spaces of certain federal buildings anymore, but you can be sure he will have plenty of guest passes  provided to him by legislators who similarly won’t accept reality.

This is some crazy stuff.




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  1. I agree that the parallel inaugural parade sounds a little ridiculous and disrespectful. But, I applaud Obama and anyone who speaks up for kindness, compassion, healthcare, education, fairness, the environment, and a whole host of other problems we face. If every choice is simply distilled down to a cost-benefit analysis, I think we are in for a tough time.

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    • I agree with you that people should feel free to speak their minds and advocate for what they care about. What troubles me is the vision of a former CEO hanging out in the parking lot of his old company trash talking the new boss. I think President Obama appreciated it when Bush flew back to Texas and kept his opinions to himself – even as he “pulled the thread” on Iraq. I certainly won’t prejudge what the (soon to be) former president will do, but I hope he affords his successor the same respect & wide berth he enjoyed. I’m not a Trump fan by any measure, but I am devoted to the ideas of order and fairness. – I read a good book over the holidays called Hillbilly-Eligy that really opened my eyes to the one GROWING demographic that everyone (myself included) ignored in this election…poor, hopeless, small town Americans. As i read the story of this one “hillbilly” family, it struck me that I have been reading about these types of folks for a while (without knowing it) in articles about heroin overdoses, babies born to teen moms, both addicted to meth, alcoholism, drop outs, the under & un-employed etc. So yes, we face a host of problems and a shocking lack of hope for a better life- not just in the inner cities but in the “country-side” as well. It is SOO depressing and in many instances the problems are deeply engrained in regional culture. How to shake free from these inherited life handicaps is what I’ve been obsessing over…

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      • I used to work with poor and disenfranchised people as a career. Sadly, they are the people who will suffer the most if Trump’s policies go into effect. I don’t think Obama is going to hang out in the parking lot or sneak into the restricted areas, but I think we all need to speak up for those people who are going to lose what meager support they had. To remain silent, to me, is the same as saying I don’t care. 🙂 It’s going to be a wild 4 years!!

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      • My sister has been a single, working woman for years. She’s raised two successful kids and is an award winning graphic designer. As a small business owner, she had to go though Obamacare to get coverage. Her monthly premium last yr was $1,ooo and her annual deductible was $10,000. She has painful knee issues that could not be addressed because she couldn’t afford to pay for anticipated tests like MRIs.. She was going to pay the penalty this year, but like her premium, it too went way up. With only one insurance option to choose from in her state, she called to cancel Obamacare and was told she couldn’t because she was on auto-pay (??) She had to call the bank to put a stop to the payments but was still unable to get any written or downloadable acknowledgement that she cancelled. As I watched her go through this mess it dawned on me that my sister was for all intents and purposes uninsured. My sister isn’t poor, but she has had no access to healthcare..even while paying $1,000 a month! – None of this makes Trump a “great man”..but I think there were plenty of people, like my sister, with their backs against the wall….add those to the disenfranchised and voila, we are where we are in Trump-landia..and yes, it’s going to be wild. 😫

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      • That’s such a shame. Ugh. I wish we would go to single payer and everyone would have the right to quality healthcare and no one would be put in these situations. That solution too has its challenges, but health and healthcare, in my opinion, is too important. My daughter struggles to stay insured and I worry terribly. Thanks for the discussion. My best to your sister (and my daughter). I hope our government figures this out. 😀

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      • Yeah- I don’t envy most politicians..I mean (when I’m done criticizing them all) I have to take a moment to consider if I would ever want to be in a position where half the country hates my guts on the day I’m elected or confirmed or whatever. I just wish our collective discourse wasn’t on par with what my kids dealt with on the school bus…sheesh…and that’s on us-really. I find it so ironic that while so many people are disgusted with Trump and how he speaks and what he says (I include myself)…he is a pretty accurate reflection of how many of us are communicating these days..we’ve grown so crass and rude I can barely stand it. As a “wordsmith” you are probably more agitated about this than most!! Good luck with your writing..I would SO love to read your latest, but it’s all I can do to keep up with my book club- It’s so embarrassing!!! When we were suggesting titles for the New Year at our last meeting, I offered up People Magazine..just for a month.. so I could have a break-HAHA!!! 😜

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