The colors of life.

I just finished repainting my daughter’s bedroom. It was so strange to see how different the color I was applying looked in areas where the original, old color was still visible. The violet made this neutral, warm tone almost look yellow…in fact I kept checking the can to make sure I had opened up the right one. It didn’t stop looking gross-browny- yellow to me until I had all the walls completely and totally covered in new paint. (Yes, this is the same color in both pictures below)

This really made me think about life & our past can “color” how we view today. I know people who have every right to be pissed off and miserable for the rest of their days they have experienced such sadness, disappointment and hurt ..and yet they are able to live in the moment and plan for the future without having the past discolor their new hopes and dreams. How do they do that?

No doubt there are different philosophies on how to handle painful memories, and I am no expert in this area, but I come from the camp that encourages people to find a fresh color and start brand new. In my own life I have had to give up on some real hurts, and I KNOW I am much better for it. Let’s be honest, some transgressions will never be resolved or fixed or even apologized for, so the only option is to let go. Now this doesn’t mean that a “scratch” now and then won’t reveal what’s underneath. A painful past never really goes away..but it also doesn’t have to dominate our  present living “space.”

And make no I found out when I was painting..all it takes is one little corner of old color to visually throw the new one off…so when you make the decision to forgive and forget and forge ahead..don’t make the mistake of hanging on to even one little grudge or one little area of loathing.  Apply a heavy coat of fresh grace and gratitude from corner to corner and watch how complete coverage can transform the color of your life.



photocredit:IPOST | Christian Post 


    • You are so right..the other interesting thing that happened was that when I started painting the family room and kitchen that same color, it looked COMPLETELY different due to more light coming in through big much so that when I started in the dining room, I actually got a slightly darker version of it because it was just coming up too white. At this point I’m just exhausted from it all, 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, family room, kitchen and I’m almost done with LR & DR..miles and miles of trim..just miles. ugh. The rest of this place has to wait until our next trip down here..I’m running out of time and mental strength- haha.

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