New Eyes..

Sometimes you stumble upon simple but powerful truths that demand both attention and application.  This was the case as I read a quote from Marcel Proust tucked into the editor’s commentary in my latest issue of Savannah Magazine.  The real voyage of discovery, Proust wrote:

Is not in seeking new landscapes,

but in having new eyes.

Hang with me on this one..but it just so happened that I had to cancel a consultation with a plastic surgeon  a few hours before I sat down to I couldn’t help but place this quote smack dab in the center of my midlife experience, which includes ever increasing anxiety over the wrinkles under my eyes and the droopy skin on my face and neck. That was why I had the consultation with the surgeon on my calendar in the first place..I felt I was ready to invest in new “landscaping.”

Let me be honest..

It bothers me and makes me feel sad that I am aging so rapidly and poorly.   Don’t get me wrong, I fully acknowledge and understand the reasons  why it’s happening- my life so far has been an amazing “ride” ….most of it in a convertible under the sun!

And yes, I’ve heard all the lectures about inner beauty being more important than what’s on the surface… and I get that too- I do!

Other than how my face looks, I really feel great at 54. I feel good about my life, I feel good about me, I feel good about everything.. so it’s not some deep, hidden psychological issue I’m tangled up’s just simply my old, saggy face that bums me out.

Now I will say that one of the deterrents to my pursuit of “new landscaping” is what others have done with their “yards.” In fact yesterday a picture popped up of one of the Kardashian girls who quite obviously re-landscaped her lips..again. This girl is like the reverse of Michael Jackson with his nose..he kept wanting smaller and smaller..she is obviously all about bigger and bigger.

What does this girl see when she looks in the mirror ..besides her XL smackers? Does she ever think she’s gone too far? Does she sense how close she is getting to a comic book caricature of her former self? Does she need what proust describes as “new eyes?”


And she’s not the only person with money and access to the best physicians who has taken it to the extreme.




Why does that happen? Is renovating your face like renovating your home where an improvement in one area highlights the problems in another leading to more and more and more work until you ultimately run out of stuff to fix or money to pay for it.. or both?

Which brings me back to Proust’s quote again.. the part about seeking new landscapes. I mean, when I look at myself in the mirror these days, I feel I’m ready for something new..not new as in different, but new as in what used to be..

..does that even make sense?

Is it even possible?

Or does the pursuit of that which once was,

inevitably lead to us into a maze of strange landscapes we don’t recognize?


I just don’t know anymore.

Maybe the answer really is in having new eyes..

less critical eyes..

grateful eyes..

that, and a jar of this amazing, new wrinkle cream I saw on Tv… 😉



photocredit:TheGloss,,,I AM Addicted To You



Time heals all “wounds..”

I remember talking to my mother on the phone shortly after our first child was born. I was in complete disbelief about how agonizing the birthing process had been. “I will NEVER, EVER do this again” I announced quite matter-of-factly. .and then of course went on to have three more kids.

It’s amazing how time can diminish the memory of pain..

…which is the only way to explain the fact that my husband and I chose to assemble another 5,498 piece, IKEA, 8 drawer dresser. 😖



“Stolen Valor”

A man in Florida was recently arrested and charged with “Stolen Valor.” I’ll admit, I had to look that one up.. Seems this fellow was impersonating a military officer  in order to receive money and gifts.  He had assumed the role of a better, more honorable (military) version of himself to garner sympathy, admiration and ultimately financial gain-hence the charge of Stolen valor; a federal crime.

This case reminded me of that teenager (also in Florida) who was masquerading as a physician. Not sure that was about money though, I think the kid just wanted to “play doctor.”😳


Recently, I’ve seen an alarming collection of videos featuring people assuming other roles as these cases, the roles of provocateurs…not for money, but most likely to incite others or just garner their fifteen minutes of fame. Ugly, personal, verbal attacks online, scary physical altercations, property destruction and heated exchanges have occurred on college campuses, on airplanes and in the street. No discussion or demonstration seems to escape an “F-WORD” carpet bombing.


And while I am sure that most Americans can’t imagine themselves impersonating a doctor or military officer, it seems that more and more of us are hitting the streets, podiums, classrooms and twitter with an anger fueled willingness to embrace new  roles as self righteous enforcers of moral purity and/or sharp-tongued, belligerent bullies seeking to provoke chaos and confrontation.

Maybe we all need to take a deep breath and ask ourselves..

Is it possible to advance a noble cause with disgraceful behavior and acts of dishonor?



photocredit:chinaSMACK,Daily Mail

Dementia Patients Are Nursing Abandoned Kittens Back to Health

This was way too precious not to pass along. (From Good Housekeeping)


Before they got help, the staff at Pima Animal Care Center in Arizona didn’t have enough resources to save the kittens that needed around-the-clock care and bottle-feeding in order to survive. Now, all of that has changed thanks to an amazing collaboration.

The residents of Catalina Springs Memory Care, a nearby senior living facility that provides care for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s, are working with the shelter to foster ailing kittens, according to the county’s website. The seniors recently saved the lives of two kittens named Peaches and Turtle, who weighed a mere seven ounces each when they were rescued. After a few weeks of bottle feedings every two hours, the kittens’ weights have doubled and they are on the mend.

The new partnership also has given 30 memory-loss patients an immense amount of joy. “To some, it may seem peculiar at first, residents who are in need of around-the-clock care themselves, given the task to care for these young kittens,” said Sharon Mercer, the retirement home’s executive director. “But there are skills, emotions, and needs that do not just leave a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The desire to give love and receive love remains. The kittens have given us the opportunity to nurture this human condition that lies in each and every one of our residents.”

The results have been amazing so far. “Many memories have started to resurface just by the act of caring for these babies,” Rebecca Hamilton, the facility’s health services director, told ABC News. “People began to bring up long-forgotten memories of a cat or a dog they had as a child.”

Just look at the smiles on their faces! It’s pretty obvious that both the kittens and residents love this new partnership.

(h/t ABC News)

From: Country Living

Our Greater and Lesser Selves

I stayed up waay too late last this morning I allowed myself a few extra moments in my snuggly bed and turned on the TV just in time to hear the local weatherman say that “if you run outside you can see the International Space Station fly by in our clear morning sky.”

Tired or not, I love this kinda I hauled my old self out from under the covers, whipped on my morning coat and scurried out the door…

…and there it was like a big, bright star smoothly, silently (quickly) slipping through the heavens. I wondered who was up there.


Are these just extraordinary people doing extraordinary things..or regular people like me who had big, huge dreams..”normal” people who tapped into the resources they needed both outside of themselves and deep inside to muster up what was necessary to realize their life’s ambitions?

Over the holidays, I read a fascinating book called “Hillbilly-Eligy” that has me thinking deeply about “success and failure”- what it actually means and how

we as humans are in a constant struggle to break away from the gravitational pull of our own lesser selves.

How is it that a person can tap into the commitment and motivation needed to push him or herself through the long, difficult journey to become an astronaut when I struggle just to get myself to the gym?

This is going to be my focus for the next few months as I read and study the statistics on this fascinating subject. In the meantime, I’ll just take this moment to salute those who are out there living in the reality of great personal achievement..

And yes, that includes the guy who’s being sworn in today as President of the United States.






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My latest “find..”


Clinique’s Chubby Stick lip color balm! 

Before I discovered this product, my purse always contained both a gloss and a lipstick.  The Chubby Stick covers both my desire for color and relief from dryness. It’s a bit smaller than a kid’s magic marker and refreshes with an easy twist. The balm goes on smoothly and isn’t overly shiny or gloppy like regular gloss. My go-to color is “Curviest Caramel”-understated with just enough tint for everyday use…highly recommended!




Sitting is the new sugar.


I am almost finished..almost finished painting our living room and dining room. I never realized getting this job done would require such mental fortitude thanks to miles and miles (and miles) of trim…ugh.

Since Christmas I have painted 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, the kitchen, TV room and now the  living room and dining room. It feels great to see so much fresh color.

You know what else feels rear end!!

As some of you know, I have struggled with sciatica for years.  Over the last year or so,  it has become a 24/7 issue that never goes a constant tooth or headache. It can even wake me up at night and lead to hours of tossing and turning.

But guess what? I have had NO PAIN in’s incredible. The only thing that has been different in my life has been this painting job and the fact that I have pretty much not had the opportunity to sit down either because I’m too busy or because the furniture was all piled in the center of the room and there was no place to sit anyway. They say that sitting too long is as bad as eating too much sugar-and you know what?  I’m starting to believe it.

Could the climbing up and down the ladder also have helped?- maybe

What about the stretching with the brush?-maybe

I guess I’ll find out now that this painting job is almost done. One thing’s for sure, I’m not going to be sitting around waiting to find out.



.photocredit:Home Depot