The cracked foundation


My husband and I love watching fixer-upper shows. People buy old, neglected houses, gut them, and turn them into something beautiful.

One of our favorites is “Flip or Flop.” Tarek and his wife Christina take on some of the worst looking homes you have ever seen.  If it’s got fleas, busted pipes, smoking electrical outlets and a leaking roof – these two want to get their hands on it and transform the dump into a show home.

“The bigger the disaster, the better the make-over”

..their words, not mine.

Which is why I was so shocked when I read last night that they are calling it quits on their marriage. Giving up seems so out of character for a couple that calmly deals with seemingly insurmountable challenges that pop up in almost every remodeling job AND have occurred in their personal lives as well such as with Tarek’s thyroid cancer.

Obviously something very serious must be going on under all of that beautiful exterior.. a disaster so bad that it just can’t be “made over.”  How ironic and truly,  how very sad.








photocredit:The Inquisitr

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