Gift Idea #3

Need a small gift under $10 or $15 for an office gift exchange, hostess or teacher’s gift? Why not purchase a bag of freshly ground coffee? Sitting down to a good cup of coffee is one of life’s daily pleasures..who wouldn’t enjoy trying a new brand or maybe a limited edition, Christmas blend?


Put it in a cute little gift bag with tissue paper, and voila, you’re done!



3 thoughts on “Gift Idea #3

  1. I have to say the absolute worst cup of coffee I ever had in my life was Starbucks Christmas Blend. It tasted like someone burnt a pine tree, ground it up, and poured hot water over it. LOL My stomach still clenches just thinking about it…. I’m in the land of Caribou and grew up on Dunkin, though – that probably explains it 🙂

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    1. I went from being a Verona girl to Dunkin. One holiday my son asked if I really didn’t mind how bitter it was..I never really thought about it.. it WAS bitter! The only coffee I can get at SB now is Blonde..but I prefer Dunkin for sure- drinking it now!!

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