So I finally took my car to the dealership yesterday as my AM radio stopped working a while ago. FM works fine, but sometimes during long road trips through no-man’s land where no F is available..there is simply nothing to listen to. The friendly guy at the service center told me they would run a “diagnostic test” and that I could take a seat in the waiting room.

About an hour later, a somber looking guy with a clip board approached the table where I was sitting. He pulled out a chair and plopped into it with a sigh…”Well, for sure your AM radio isn’t working” he announced, but we haven’t been able to locate where the problem is..that will require further, more in depth diagnostics that I’m estimating would take about three hours and 390.”

“390 what?” I asked..

“Three hundred and ninety dollars” he replied looking at me with the stern face of a physician who just came out of the OR to tell a loved one things are getting complicated- and expensive.

“I have an extended warranty” I stammered “doesn’t it cover all this?”

“Not the diagnostic” he said “unless of course the fault in the radio is covered in which case we’ll refund you the diagnostic fee. But we won’t know if it’s a covered problem until we diagnose what the problem is.”

I could feel my face starting to flush, “OK,” I asked trying to keep my voice low and controlled.. “so you’re saying some repairs on a radio are covered and some are not?”

“That’s right, and we don’t know what’s wrong yet..” he went on “unless we run further tests.”

“It’s a radio!” I stammered, “How many tests can you possibly run on a radio?? I’m not going to pay $390 just to find out why my AM doesn’t work and then possibly have to pay more to have the problem fixed!”

“Actually, it would be $520 m’am” he added “that includes today’s diagnostic for $130.”

“Whaat??” I snapped, “Today’s diagnostic costs $130??”

“yes it does” he said, pointing to his paper.

“Well what did they diagnose for the $130?” I asked looking at him with my laser beam, super pissed off look..

“Well, they diagnosed that your AM isn’t working” he mumbled, “and that you need further diagnostics.”





photocredit:Daily Mail



    • Well, I had no recourse but to pay after 2 back and forth head-butting sessions with the man..then I spent all night composing the review I’m going to post online and everywhere else- if the manager doesn’t give me at least a partial refund..I have never been stuck in such an insanity loop in my entire life!


  1. I’m sorry Cindy, but this made me laugh, ONLY because I’ve been through the same thing with our backup camera. Made an appointment, told them the backup camera wasn’t working. Spent 2 hours in their waiting room for them to come back and tell me the backup camera isn’t working. You just have to shake your head at the stupidity of this. We chose not to have them fix it and guess what? The camera has been working most of the time ever since. Sometimes it will go on the blink but it’s not worth $300-$400 to fix. Good luck and go to the library and check out a book on cd for those long trips.

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      • This guy “helping” me was a real jerk- I’m sorry, but it’s true..and this waiting area was full of women that morning, each one of them getting unexpected bad news about their cars-imagine that. I felt like community organizing the heck out of us and marching straight into the owner’s office. I had to pay the $130, but this dealership is about to have a review dropped on them that will cost more in lost business than they ever made off of me. UGH!!!- what a total scam! I’m willing to pay for work done, but this was a complete rip off.

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