Are you a heavy drinker?

 I’m not, and yet every single time I make it a point to drink more water..I see immediate, positive results:


I have more energy during the day

I sleep better that night

My body just FEELS and FUNCTIONS better!

My dermatologist told me that drinking water is an effective way to keep my skin looking younger..

In light of that, you’d think someone willing to spend no small amount of money on anti-wrinkle creams, would be happy to chug water all day..

but nooo, for some dumb reason, I still never drink enough!

Yesterday, I added a small splash of G2 (Gatorade) to every glass of water I drank..

I had one of my most productive days in weeks…even went to the gym. (I know!!! 😏)

Could it really be this simple?

Holiday gift idea #1– A water bottle from your  honey’s alma mater! (There’s still plenty of time to order)







  1. Yes, it really could be that simple! Thank you for the reminder, Cindy. It’s such a basic thing — and such an easy way to take care of my body — but it’s one I often overlook when I’m running from meeting to meeting like a crazed weasel. 🙂

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    • For me it’s the trips to the ladies room that are the problemo- but I need to get over that. I think the additional electrolytes yesterday also made a huge difference.- no afternoon slump..SAY WHAAAAT?- a serious miracle.

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      • Tell me about those lady-room trips, Cindy! And it’s getting worse as I get older too (it’s SO unfair that my bladder’s the only thing that’s shrinking, LOL). But taking a bit of ribbing from my colleagues will be so worth it if I can avoid the dreaded 2 p.m. zombie attack. I’ll add some electrolytes today and let you know how it goes!

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      • Made an undeniable difference for me- but I really do believe I am chronically dehydrated- just have gotten used to feeling tired all of the time. As far as shrinkage goes, I realized last week as I sat at the Clinique counter picking out a new lipstick, that in fact there are other things that shrink as we age… LIPS!!! 😖 I bought a liner to fix that…

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