It’s a conspiracy!

I know everyone is all wrapped around the axle about the e-mail hacking that plagued our recent election, but I have noticed a whole new front of covert attacks against the Homeland…



Have you noticed how suddenly, after years of easy price tag removal,  all of these stickers need to be soaked in water or rubbed off with goo gone?


There have been far too many incidents of poor price tag removal for me not to conclude there is something nefarious going on here..and I know exactly who’s behind it..



Yup, Christmas is coming and they know darn well we will be shopping more than usual..and consequently spending many waking hours removing these stubborn price tags that used to simply peel off in one swipe.


Imagine the man & woman hours in lost productivity..American productivity!


And what about wasted free time for that matter; free time which would no doubt be otherwise spent watching the History channel, taking online courses  or reading Forbes magazine ..

Meanwhile that sneaky Chinese military is probably building another super-secret island for their warships while we’re all distracted trying to get the tags off all the new ornaments for our pre-lit tree know,  THAT tree..


the one that isn’t lighting properly…

that was made in ….

uh huh..

you guessed it.

I’m telling you, it’s a conspiracy!!




photocredit:Happy Simple Living,Missy Stevens Writes,Alfa img,The Bookworm of Gensan,Simply Good Tips,Goo Gone


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