Life in the not so “fun house.”


Yesterday I received a group e-mail from someone I dearly love.  It was a “vent piece” about the election.

I know this sweet soul was deeply angered by the results on Tuesday, but the highly insulting tone of the letter truly made me sad. It troubled me so much because I, and others, were unceremoniously tossed into what I would call a basket.. why yes,  a “basket of deplorables.”  My faith was questioned along with every other value a human could possibly hold dear.

The irony is that no one, not even my husband, knows how (or if) I voted because honestly, it’s nobody’s business but my own.

If this person had regularly read my blog, she would have known that I  had deep concerns with every single one of the candidates, and clearly- I was not alone. In the end, this election distilled itself into a political “Sophie’s choice” for so many Americans who reluctantly, bravely pulled the lever for the “lesser of two evils.” Can I hear some applause for those who stood in line to choose off a menu with nothing on it they actually liked??

Racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist, xenophobic, uneducated, elitist, entitled..can we stop it already?

Do we really want to extend this period of high-insult?

Haven’t we had enough? Can we exit the “fun house” that we’ve been living in for the last year so we can get back to a life free from these horribly distorted representations of who we are?

Can we start by turning off the TV?

And to the one who sent me the letter- trust me, I get it..I know how upset you are. I’ve been there many times myself..and for all you know, I may be there now.  But what I’ve learned over time is that this country was built to withstand incredible strain. It has survived and thrived in spite of leadership that was sometimes corrupt, racist, sexually immoral and every other ill you listed in your e-mail.

We will be OK…really, we will be OK.

In fact, we might be better than before..

Why not work for that?



And oh yeah,

I love you.💜


  1. Yesterday was a difficult day as I experienced outright misplaced contention for my vote.
    There were those that name called and got impatient with this individual. I was compassionate and just said that I understand, but that instead of blaming those that voted for Trump or 3rd party and threatening to unfriend them all perhaps, he could place his anger with the DNC who shoved Hilary down their throats and ousted Bernie. I think as a nation even those of us who voted for Trump and I declare my choice proudly with no apology, were stunned at the republicans winning both the senate and the house as we appreciate a balance of power that our forefathers intended in developing the system. I just pray that political reform is on it’s way as both parties do some soul searching moving forward and that perhaps the next go round we can get behind candidates rather than picking the best of two of the craziest choices in history. As a meme on Facebook suggested we need to get behind Trump as if not it would be like being against the pilot on an airplane. I for one am praying that this shake up is historic in changing politics going forward.

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    • I hope he is successful as well..for the reason you state..Like you and everyone else-I’m buckled in for this ride! Maybe we have made the process so horrible and expensive that very few “normal folks” want to put themselves through it..if so, we need to change that. But “we” aren’t without blame either as we have become so sharp with each other. I was so hoping we could shut the door on this thing after Tuesday..

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      • Whaaaaaaa? You’re kidding- my goodness, that’s actually SCARY- like FIDEL CASTRO SCARY.- sheesh. I also saw an article about MACY’S dumping the Trump clothing brand..yeah, the same MACY’S that has been on a downward slide to SEARS for years…sheesh again. 😏


      • I broke my own rule today and watched about 20 minutes of MSNBC. The guy mentioned they were “expecting” more protest tonight …and this week-end… three times. He may as well have been handing out flyers..sheesh. (my new favorite word) Oh well, let them keep doing what they’ve been doing (the press)..stoking dissent and discord..people are on to them now.

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      • Oh, they are in mourning over all of the cocktail parties they will no longer be attending. Did you see (thanks to WIKI-LEAKS) that 65 members of the media attended two Hillary kick off parties last year where they were wined and dined and basically given their marching orders for coverage? Unbelievable. yeah, some of these folks had racked up some frequent flier miles on Air Force One…no more.


      • For sure. I don’t know when it all went off the rails, but maybe – just maybe it takes a self made millionaire not to fall for the “trappings” of Washington. I am praying.. because if we don’t make some real changes, then all of those socialist Bernie peeps in the street will truly dictate our future.

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