Here’s what I didn’t miss..



I had so much going on, so many thoughts swirling in my head, that even music was too much to handle.   The past three weeks were a rollercoaster of uncertainty, change, tough- physical work, lists, projects and big decisions.  There was simply no room in my brain for anything superfluous …like the news.

I literally closed the door on all the “noise.”

It’s amazing to me how from one day to the next, you can go from being completely wrapped up in something like this crazy election- to not giving one whit about it. Of course it literally took a hurricane to dislodge my focus, but still…

Here’s what I didn’t miss..I didn’t miss any of it.

Because let’s be honest, a lot has happened  but nothing has changed. 

She’s just as corrupt as we suspect and each day’s new revelations just confirm what we already know.

He’s just as pompous as we suspect and each new (old) story the press digs up confirms that as well.

And speaking of the media.. Well, they are as biased as we suspect, and the latest news that debate questions were secretly passed on to Hillary prior to two televised events confirms those conclusions as well.

So you see?

I missed nothing.




photocredits:Snoring keep you awake?




    • That is CRAZY!! – I didn’t watch any either-just literally cannot take it..esp because there’s no relief ahead. I mean either way (and it’s gonna go one or the other) it’s gonna stink afterwards. Like my neighbor and I discussed, we’re just going to focus on our family and friends and our faith. We are still blessed to be in America.


      • Well hopefully they can get in a few museum visits..😉 My family is so divided that the topic is totally off limits. Everyone is coming to Florida for Christmas and it’s so rare we all get together I feel I must once again state the ground rules that politics are off the table. I don’t want anything to set people off..and let’s face it, half my family is going to be really pissed off. We are attending a wonderful church up here right now and the pastor keeps reminding everyone who is ultimately in charge. I LOVE this guy’s sermons..he really puts all of this into “life perspective.” Was your back good on vacation? I bought those vionic sneakers and do love them. The sandals were way too hard in the arch for me, but the sneakers are fantastic..just the right level of support.

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      • Great solution to have politics off the table for the holidays! My sciatica was good, I even wore wedges and heels to dinner and shows choosing to walk the stairs instead of elevators. The Vionics were awesome for walking in Bermuda and since being home. I like the support in my ankle boots in this brand too. I am considering buying a new pair every year to replace my black and brown ones.


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