Let there be light!

Have you ever been GRIPPED by an overwhelming desire to renovate a room..a feeling so strong that waiting an extra day, (to maybe talk to your husband about your plan) is simply out of the question?  Well, this was the situation my friend found herself in on her recent day off, and she called me from the parking lot at Home Depot buzzing with excitement, ideas and energy.

She was on a roll- as in ready to roll a new paint color onto her old cherry cabinets in the master bathroom.


First step was to apply the product below so that the new paint would adhere.


Picking the appropriate color wasn’t easy as she needed to harmonize with the existing floor tile and countertop.


The good news is, there really are no “rules” to follow with color these days and mixing shades of white is no different. Light, dark, warm, cool it all works when it comes together to create the over-all feel that we’re trying to achieve.

r4My friend was looking to create an inviting, fresh and updated space- a simple, but dramatic make-over…

and she most certainly did just that,



PS- And oh yeah, her husband loved it.


Gift Idea #3

Need a small gift under $10 or $15 for an office gift exchange, hostess or teacher’s gift? Why not purchase a bag of freshly ground coffee? Sitting down to a good cup of coffee is one of life’s daily pleasures..who wouldn’t enjoy trying a new brand or maybe a limited edition, Christmas blend?


Put it in a cute little gift bag with tissue paper, and voila, you’re done!




Full of Thanksgiving


Sometimes, I am simply overwhelmed by gratitude. It swirls over me like a warm, frothy wave, caressing my soul with sparkling thoughts and precious reflections. In these moments, I see my husband of 33 years, my kids, family, friends.. I feel the comfort of home, taste food prepared by loving hands, hear my pastor’s words of wisdom, inhale the scents of the season..and yes, in these moments, I swear I still look like that chick in the picture. 😏











Blinded by the shine of your own star..


Our sermon this past Sunday was on the subject of humility and the timing could not have been better. I needed to be reminded of how dangerous pride can be and how authentic humility, interwoven with deep & profound gratitude, creates the foundation necessary for true happiness.

And yes, I couldn’t help but think of Brandon Dixon, the actor on stage last week, wagging his finger and delivering a sharp, condescending lecture to the future Vice President of the United States who was sitting in the audience quietly enjoying the show.

In an interview Mr. Dixon gave after his “big moment” he told Broadway.com “When we first got the call that he (Pence) was coming, there was certainly a question of what we would do,” Dixon said. “These are the opportunities that you die for.”


I promise this is not going to be an in depth analysis of how situationally unaware Mr. Dixon and his cast seem to be, but it is worth noting that the price of a ticket to see them perform is out of reach for 99.99% of the inhabitants on planet earth. I would think it would be prudent to consider that fact before carrying on about inclusivity and diversity..but whatever.

This actor’s action is just the latest example of the general lack of humility, civility and respect I see all too often these days. Whether it’s a student talking back to a teacher, pundits arguing on TV, athletes kneeling for the anthem, political candidates tearing into each other, protestors screaming in a policeman’s face or shouting down a speaker, there is a disturbing undercurrent of self-righteous, self-important, self indulgent, self centered pompous pride that is debasing much of our discourse.

This trend is crass and ugly and most importantly, blinds us to our own faults and frailties.. as Mr. Dixon himself is finding out. (Hey kids, You should all know this by now-the stuff you put on Facebook, Twitter and all the rest really can come back to haunt you.)

Pride is a tight fitting jacket,

kinda like the one Mr. Dixon is wearing in the photo above.

It can make you look all prim and proper,

and somehow better,



more fearless

and more powerful than everyone else.

But boy oh boy,

when that spot light zooms in,

it can also get hot, itchy and pretty darn uncomfortable.

So wear it with care..

only if you dare.







So I finally took my car to the dealership yesterday as my AM radio stopped working a while ago. FM works fine, but sometimes during long road trips through no-man’s land..there is simply nothing to listen to. The friendly guy at the service center told me they would run a “diagnostic test” and that I could take a seat in the waiting room.

About an hour later, a somber looking guy with a clip board approached the table where I was sitting. He pulled out a chair and plopped into it with a sigh…”Well, for sure your AM radio isn’t working” he announced, but we haven’t been able to locate where the problem is..that will require further, more in depth diagnostics that I’m estimating would take about three hours and 390.”

“390 what?” I asked..

“Three hundred and ninety dollars” he replied looking at me with the stern face of a physician who just came out of the OR to tell a loved one things are getting complicated- and expensive.

“I have an extended warranty” I insisted “doesn’t it cover all this?”

“Not the diagnostic” he said “unless of course the fault in the radio is covered in which case we’ll refund you the diagnostic fee. But we won’t know if it’s covered until we diagnose what the problem is.”

I could feel my face starting to flush, “OK, so some repairs on a radio are covered and some are not?” I asked trying to keep my voice low and controlled.

“That’s right, and we don’t know what’s wrong yet..” he went on “unless we run further tests.”

“It’s a radio!” I stammered, “How many tests can you possibly run on a radio?? I’m not going to pay $400 just to find out why my AM doesn’t work..”

“Actually, it would be $520 m’am” he added “that includes today’s diagnostic for $130.”

“What??” I snapped, “Today’s diagnostic costs $130??”

“yes it does” he said, pointing to his paper.

“Well what did they diagnose for the $130?” I asked looking at him with my laser beam, super pissed off look..

“Well, they diagnosed that your AM isn’t working” he mumbled, “and that you need further diagnostics.”





photocredit:Daily Mail


Christmas gift Idea #2


This book is nail-biting,  “edge of your seat” reading right from Chapter One.. which opens up smack in the middle of a gruesome murder scene in NYC. Don’t be looking for actual Pilgrims or the Mayflower in this tale ..(hey, I was!)  .. this is a fast paced, suspenseful  account of international intrigue, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, assassinations, and espionage with enough modern-day facts woven in that the reader is left wondering ( and worrying!!) if this incredibly sick & twisted stuff is really happening in the world.

( And if it is, all I can say is no wonder there’s a Guantanamo! )


“I am Pilgrim” would be a FANTASTIC gift for anyone with a strong constitution who loves action packed thrillers.



“I Am Pilgrim is simply one of the best suspense novels I’ve read in a long time.” —David Baldacci, #1 New York Times bestselling author.