Can you hear those cracking sounds?


Yesterday I saw something that distilled my concerns about our dysfunctional government into one single snap shot.  Sheila Jackson Lee, a congresswoman from Texas, was questioning Jim Comey at a congressional hearing into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail investigation by the FBI. If you look at the picture above, you can see she was wearing a Hillary pin on her lapel.

Let that sink in for a minute..

Let’s say you filed a lawsuit against Target because they sold you a defective product that caused injury.  Can you imagine looking over at the jury during the trial and seeing that one of the jurors was wearing this?


Ms. Lee knew exactly what she was doing when she put that pin on her suit before the televised hearing yesterday. She was certainly out to make a statement to those watching TV,  Mr. Comey, the FBI, other witnesses and the committee chair..not to mention sending a clear wink and a nod to her girl Hillary that she had her back.

The message I received is confirmation of what I fear most, that the people charged with making our government work have become so political that the procedures and processes they are paid to uphold are little more than a sham; a show.  Sheila Jackson Lee wasn’t even feigning to do her job as a congresswoman yesterday. She wasn’t there to search for facts- she came dressed to play guard for her team.

I fear we are reaching our expiration date, pushing the limits of the structural design that keeps our government functioning. We have Presidents who issue major executive orders bypassing congress, we have “super departments” like the EPA creating “rules” which are essentially laws – also to bypass congress. We have a fully politicized Supreme Court that splits along party lines with almost every ruling and most disturbingly, we have renegade government employees who routinely break the law and simply walk away from any consequences.

A few weeks ago, there was an IT guy involved in the Clinton private e-mail mess who ignored a subpoena to appear before congress to testify…No lie, he flat out just didn’t show up.

The Democrats on the committee had NO problem with the guy defying the official order to appear before them because after all, they didn’t want this man to potentially testify against their party’s presidential nominee. Never mind that their collusion ultimately weakens the entire government system.  Why act surprised when we see more and more people boldly refuse to comply with anyone in authority? After all, what’s a lonely IT guy got to worry about if back in 2012 the Attorney General himself (Eric Holder) flew to Disney World on the very day he was instructed to appear before congress?

Our forefathers were truly geniuses, but I fear our politicians have so chipped away at the pillars they designed to hold our government together that the entire country is fracturing.


I can hear the cracking sounds..can you?






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