The potato chip trap

Can you eat just one potato chip? Can you bust open a bag of those salty, fatty, tasty disks of one and simply walk away?


Not me.

If I put a chip to my lips- I’m a goner.

I thought about that  the other day as I struggled with my early morning commitment to take a long power walk. I had my sweats and sneakers on but bailed out before I made it to the door, sitting down for a third cup of coffee and a political morning show instead. It didn’t take long to be washed over by a wave of guilt. I felt lazy and yucko, and before I knew it, it seemed like half the day was over and I never recovered from my original disappointing decision.  In fact that first poor choice led to another and then another..  It was kinda like opening up a bag of potato chips…I kept going and going, sliding further and further into the depths of that dark, slippery bag.

It’s hard to stop at one..whether its potato chips or poor choices. I didn’t walk, so then I ate too much for breakfast,  I felt tired, showered late, put off some projects, flopped around aimlessly..and by the time my husband came home I literally didn’t feel well- probably because the only truly successful endeavor of the day was searching for, finding, and eating the chocolate he had hidden from me.  What a wasted day that was.

The next morning I got up determined to make that first choice a good one.

I went for my power walk (Good decision #1) and when I came home had fruit for breakfast instead of my usual less than healthy stuff. (Good decision #2) One good decision led to the next and then the next and continued on throughout what turned into a super productive and empowering day. I was on a roll again!

So clearly, that first decision of the morning has the ability to set not only the tone for the day but put that momentum train in gear. Whether it’s the choice to get up earlier, pray, walk, stretch or eat a good breakfast, you can be sure that (good or bad) you will build your day on the foundation (or in the hole) of your first actions. Depending on what you chose.. you can end the day in a happy heap having just crossed over the finish line..



or all alone licking the chip dust off the shiny insides of an empty bag of Ruffles.


How’s that for a visual?







    • I have REALLY been paying attention to my first choices of the day..makes a huge difference! It was so foggy and humid and gross the other morning..I REALLY didn’t want to walk- the ONLY thing that got me out was the thought of how NOT walking would affect the rest of my I went.

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  1. I’m apparently at boss-level because I can complete a 4-mile run, have a perfectly balanced breakfast and lunch, and a nourishing, veggie-filled dinner…and then DESTROY the entire building after 8 PM.


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