Dining in your underpants.

One of my favorite stories to tell is the tale about my headstrong 1st grade son once arriving at the kitchen table ready to eat dinner- wearing nothing but his Superman underwear.  We were living in the Florida Keys at the time, so while it wasn’t unusual for the kids to run around all day in their bathing suits, or to be in some state of partial undress, I certainly didn’t feel it was appropriate to sit down for a meal in your underpants.

I told my son he needed to have clothes on if he wanted to eat with the family, to which he made some sassy comment about calling child protective services because I was denying him food. I sent him to his bedroom encouraging him to call 911, telling him that if the police came to get mommy, I had a stack of magazines and catalogs I’d been dying to read and I’d take them with me for my week-end retreat in the slammer.

He got dressed.

I have to smile when I think back to some of the kids’ shenanigans and the “lines in the sand” that simply had to be drawn in order to instill good manners and respect.

Which brings me to the flag controversy plaguing the NFL..  I promise I’ll make this short.

Yesterday, two of the San Francisco 49er players positioned themselves right near the edge of the flag being waved on the field and took a knee for the National Anthem. Other players held their fists held in the air.  Their “courageous” protests concluded with high fives and self-congratulatory hugs among teammates.


Here’s the deal.

If you have some personal grievance that makes it impossible to stand for the National Anthem, that’s your business. But if it’s really that awful and personally offensive to subject yourself to this tradition, why not stay out of the stadium until the Star Spangled Banner is done playing and spare yourself from the entire ordeal?

It’s really that simple.

Certain activities in life simply require a level of personal decorum.  And while it may be your prerogative to be disrespectful,  trotting right up to the edge of Old Glory to take a knee during the anthem is like pulling up a chair at my dinner table and taking a seat in your underpants.

I mean seriously Mr. Kaepernick, is this your idea of a hero?


Now go to your room and think about it.








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