The oozing truth…

Regular readers of my blog know that I post a lot of twitter links to the latest revelations about Hillary Clinton. Regular readers also know that it’s not because I’m a fan of Donald Trump. Honestly, I loathe them both and am so very depressed that we are faced with such a gut and soul wrenching choice.


There are plenty of things that bother me about Trump;  his ego, his lack of self control, his scary deficit of experience. These flaws are clearly on display- every day it seems- for all to see and judge.

Hillary’s issues, on the other hand, are deviously crafty and expertly wrapped within  layers of sugary goodness like being the first woman president and curing global AIDS.  To quote Forrest Gump, Clinton is like a box of chocolates; not only do you not know what you’re going to get next, it seems we keep nibbling around the edges without being able to take a big enough bite to see what’s actually under that smooth, sweet outer layer.


The reason her ever unfolding story of deleted e-mails, smashed cell phones and memory lapses bothers me so much, is that my husband and I know what it feels like to have the impressive weight of the US government on our chests.

One year, almost a decade ago, we had an accountant prepare our taxes.  As a back-up, my husband also ran the numbers and they both came up with the exact same result. Not long after submission, the IRS contacted us and said we owed a little over $100.  My husband discussed this with the accountant and they both agreed the IRS was wrong.  $100 isn’t much, but we had paid a truck-load in taxes that year (also paid a lot to the accountant) and my husband was stuck on the principal of the matter. He was not going to just hand over $100- money that we clearly did not owe.

After some back and forth, we quickly came to the conclusion that no one willingly tangles with the IRS- especially not over 100 bucks. There was obviously someone in some office somewhere who was making it their business to squeeze that $100 out of our pocket- no matter what. Our documentation, the accountant’s calculations..none of that mattered one whit. The government had chased us down for an extra bit of cash and we had no recourse but to pay- and by golly- pay we did.

What bothers me to no end, is that the same government that has the time and the resources to chase down ONE citizen over a measly $100 is completely unable (or unwilling) to pursue a person who destroyed evidence just days after it was requested by congress!! Forget the possible reasons why anyone would do something so crazy- just the act of destruction alone would be enough to land you or me in the slammer.


So yeah.. the articles on the right hand side here are just one lowly citizen’s attempt to take a few bites out of this ‘Clinton confection’ so we can get a tiny sample of what’s really inside….. before we “buy the box” this November.









    • We felt that by fussing with them, we were putting our name out there for future audit..I mean we really felt like we would be “punished” at some point for continuing to pursue the we sucked it up. It just feels sometimes like the government, that we fund, is out to get us..and they have the tools to make life pretty miserable if they choose to.


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