Church Hunters

Yes, we watch “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” on TV..and I hate to admit it, but there are times I find myself getting way too emotionally invested in these strangers’ choice of a home..


“Don’t get that condo next to the pool you fool, the noise will drive you crazy!”

“What do you mean that tiny porch is great for many friends don’t you have?”

“You want to live next to that swamp? Better keep an eye on Rover!”

So it was kind of funny last Sunday as we drove home from visiting  a non-denominational “mega-church” that our discussion sounded very much like the ones they have on these shows as they decide between three places.  You see we are trying to choose between three churches:

LOCATION- Of the three churches we attended, the mega church was closest to our town home-totally walkable on a good weather morning. Farthest away church was a solid 30 minute drive door to door- that’s a haul. Middle of the road church was well, in the middle of those distances.

Advantage- Mega Church

SEATING- OK, this is lame, but my husband and I both deal with sciatica. Mega church had soft, cushiony theater style seats,  far away church had wooden pews-but they had nice cushions, Middle of the road church had folding chairs in the auditorium for their contemporary service- Not fun at all…OUCH!

Advantage- Mega Church

MUSIC- Mega church had a serious concert going on with lighting, a BIG stage and video- lots of video!! Believe it or not, I think they may have had a smoke machine. (Either that, or the AC was creating clouds as the cool air met the humid air coming through the doors?) Church with folding chairs had AWESOME, coffee shop (pub) style band. Far away church had more of a traditional barbershop quartette thing going on.

Advantage- Middle of the road/folding chairs church.

MESSAGE- Hands down, far away church had a great pastor.  His message was incredibly well delivered and gave me so much to think about. Final verdict is on hold though, as Mega-Church’s pastor was on vacation last Sunday.

Advantage- Too early to tell, but possibly far away church.

As my husband and I discussed our options, I made a comment about how spoiled we were. Unbelievably, there are still parts of the world where Christians are hiding in basements reading their bibles by flashlight and being horribly persecuted, even killed, for their faith. (See ISIS) This reality doesn’t make our choice here in Charlotte any more obvious, but it sure puts our search in perspective. And after all, the church isn’t about how great the music is or how soft the seats are-  church is about God and His people, learning and ministry..

Which ultimately makes each one of the places above a potential perfect match.








    • Yeah- I actually felt bad about it, but we really were listing all of our likes and dislikes..just like those couples on TV..seems wrong – and yet church on a folding chair gets to be really distracting after about twenty minutes when my rear-end starts “acting up”..😮

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