Late to the IKEA “love-fest”


I have been searching for two simple nightstands for our guest room and this is what I’ve been finding around town..overpriced, poorly made, soft “wood- stuff” from countries far away that emit alarming, unidentifiable odors. (The furniture that is- not the countries..)

I finally, reluctantly, made the 20 minute drive to IKEA. Not quite sure why I didn’t consider it sooner.. but lo and behold, once there, I fell in love with a little shelving collection called the KALLAX..

..large, beautifully sturdy, well made, doesn’t stink, not a nightmare to put together and the smallest “cube” is

(wait for it)

only $35!

..And perfect for a nightstand!


So I am officially an IKEA fan…hey, better late than never.


13 thoughts on “Late to the IKEA “love-fest”

  1. I have never been inside an IKEA store. Living in the Midwest means limited shopping opportunities. I can browse online though and close the browser when I’m tired of shopping, and then, just like Dorothy, I’m instantly transported back home.

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    1. IKEA stores are pretty much a nightmare..think of the “It’s a small world” ride at get in that boat and there’s no getting off until you reach the end. It’s a bit overwhelming..maybe that’s why I stay away..but they do have some cool this crazy shelf that I’m in love with. 👍

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    1. My nephew travels all over the world; goes to some of the most crazy (dangerous) places..and HE told me that he can barely handle IKEA. The biggest problem is the’s like a winding path vs. a grid like say Costco with aisles. They do have some cute stuff though and the prices cannot be beat.

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    2. Sephora is TERRIFYING. I do go there, but I go right to a sales person and tell them “I want two of what I bought last time.” Then they either hand it to me or ship it to my house. That is the only way to not be eaten alive by eye shadow.

      I love browsing IKEA though. Maybe it’s because you can get a 50-cent ice cream first. ???

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      1. I was writing back to you on the throw pillows and I pressed something that nuked your comment as SPAM- no idea what I did…but yeah, Imagine how many klorsten-pursten-twerten pillows and matching fluten-pupen-dupen sofas they’d sell if husbands were floppen and ploppen all over them!

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