Who are these people?

Last night, as my husband and I were taking our weekly salsa lesson, I took a quick glance across the adjoining ballroom. It was busy and loud with laughter and streams of competing music.  There was a couple practicing their “first dance” for a wedding just two weeks away, an elderly couple floating across the floor performing an ultra-elegant waltz and other singles and couples doing “their thing” under the tutelage of various instructors.

Who are these folks who come out to dance at 8pm on a Wednesday?

People who want to have fun, get in shape and learn something new..people just like me.


For over a year now I have used this space to recommend movies, books and recipes. I have shared my thoughts about pretty much everything from God to politics and family. So let me just add this to the list:

If your life (or your marriage) is starting to feel a bit stale, predictable and boring- take dancing lessons; it’ll spice things up in a hurry.. 🔥 ..I promise.






    • Here’s the deal, we like to have a glass of wine before we go..it helps. It has really been a ton of fun, in fact, tomorrow we are going into the city to watch a professional competition at the Westin- he really wanted to go.. (I know! 😯) As we get a little better, and stop counting the steps so much, it really becomes much more natural. I highly recommend it.

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  1. I agree! My husband and I had the best time taking dance lessons in preparation for our daughter’s wedding last year! Hmmmm . . . . I think it’s time to break out the James Taylor tunes again.


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