What’s the matter with me??

What an AWESOME week-end I had! No- we didn’t do anything crazy..I was just able to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE for the first time in 5 days!

I’m not complaining..really..our tile guy is here and we are finally- FINALLY- finishing up our master bathroom! The guy laying the tile is very thorough (slow), very talkative and usually starts his day at around 10am-ish ..so the project is moving along at a turtle’s pace.  Of course we ran out of shower tile as well- clearly, that didn’t help.

So yes,  I get to stay home some more..

But it’s all good, all good..especially if he gets done tomorrow..which can’t happen if he doesn’t come today….and you know how it is- you just never really know until they show.

But the week-end was busy and it was liberating simply getting out to run errands.  I did though have two interesting incidents happen within hours of each other on Saturday:

Incident #1

As I was standing in line waiting to check out of the grocery store, the cashier sneezed a HUGE sneeze into her hands, wiped her nose with her sleeve and kept checking out the guy in front of me.

Now I have a friend, (you know who you are) who would have told the lady to go wash her hands before touching any of her groceries. I am ashamed to admit that I don’t have that kind of chutzpah; I sincerely wish I did. But I also wish that there were wipes (or antibacterial soap and tissues) available to employees who find themselves in those situations so as to put their customer at ease.


Incident #2

Unbelievably, just a few hours later as my husband and I approached the entrance of a local restaurant for lunch, (hey, don’t judge me- I was exhausted from grocery shopping!) a waiter stepped through a side exit into the empty outdoor dining area facing the parking lot and, I kid you not, loudly.. forcefully blew his nose onto the floor. Not to be gross, but what I mean is he plugged one nostril and blew out the other, like runners do.

He then wiped his hand on his pants and went back inside.

I was shocked..SHOCKED!..but not shocked enough to choose a different restaurant. As I told my husband “Do you ever really know that the staff (at any restaurant) isn’t doing much worse than that in the kitchen where you CAN’T see them?”


Yeah, I know- stupid, lame reasoning- and like I said, I have a friend who would have had the hostess call the manager to the front so she could tell him to his face why she was going somewhere else to eat lunch and then demanded a coupon for free dinner for her family of six to help her recover from the trauma of what she witnessed.

All I did was whisper a prayer, “Lord, please don’t let us get snotty pants as our waiter”

My prayer was answered and we had a lovely lunch.

But seriously, what’s the matter with people today?

And what’s the matter with spineless old me?




  1. Nothing is wrong with you, Cindy. The snot-filled incidents you describe are gross and unsanitary and unacceptable for anyone who is handling other people’s food. YUCK. But on the bright side, soon your bathroom will be done and then you won’t be so tired that you’ll be forced to dine out! 🙂

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    • Oh, I can’t wait! My daughter had a washer and dryer delivered on Saturday..I told her to imagine the guys staying all day installing it..ugh..no privacy..nowhere to run..no telling when they arrive or leave..😕 I’m ready for this to be DONE! But regarding the snotty issues..would YOU have said something? Why am I so wimpy and non-confrontational? It’s almost like I’m more embarrassed than they are!!! GEEZ.

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      • Aw, Cindy. I know what it’s like having a bunch of installers running around. Hope your remodeling will be done very soon!

        As for saying something to those snot purveyors: I might have said something to the cashier, like, “May I offer you a tissue?” But I probably would have mentioned the waiter’s PDS (public display of snot) to his manager because anyone who witnessed that probably got a permanently bad impression of the restaurant.

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      • Well, it’s really not too late I guess. I could write an e-mail to the managers at both places. Heaven knows I’ll have the time to do it today (if the tile guy shows up- or even if he doesn’t and I just spend all morning waiting for him.. 😏)

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