The burqa-One mermaid’s opinion

So it seems France has taken the bold step of banning muslim women from wearing “burkinis” on the beach. What’s a burkini? Well, truth be told, that’s open to interpretation, but basically it’s anything that head to toe ‘covers you up pretty good.”


Here’s the deal..I had a skin cancer removed a few years ago and when I go to the beach these days, you better believe I’m ‘covered up pretty good.’ Would I be fined sitting on the beach in Saint Tropez? Where is the dividing line between acceptable sun protection and being escorted away by the Gendarmes?


So yeah, I think the whole burkini beach ban thing is dumb. Frankly, I see plenty of other stuff at the beach I should call the fashion police about… but let me also say that I have been at Sea World in Orlando on a blazing hot summer day next to  women sweating profusely under full black burqas.


I loathe the look of those things..and for a woman in menopause?.. I can only imagine that it’s TOTAL NIGHTMARE.😓🔥

 I know, I know, there will be people who claim they love ’em, and to be honest there are days I wish I could just run to the grocery store with a blanket over my own head because my hair looks so awful..but please, don’t even try to tell me that the majority of these muslim women prefer this claustrophobic “uniform” –  I don’t buy it. Not that I’d be any more comfortable wearing one of these..


..but last time I checked, the Pope isn’t ordering all Christian women to dress like nuns. I guess in the end what I care most about is personal freedom and each person’s individual right to choose what they want to wear..even if I would never choose the same for myself.sock








  1. Hear, hear! Of all the problems humanity is facing, what we wear at the beach should be pretty well near the bottom of the list. I think you’ve summed it up beautifully: “What I care most about is personal freedom and each person’s individual right to choose what they wear …”

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    • Although I have to admit Heather, there were some years I myself was captain of the fashion police..standing at the door as my teens tried to slip out unnoticed..haha!

      Even though I think this whole thing in France is so misguided..I do feel for them as they try to get their bearings after the recent horrific attacks..I’m sure the citizens are demanding action..the pressure to “do something!” must be extreme.

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      • My mom was the captain of the fashion police as well, and in hindsight I’m grateful for that, lol! There’s a lot to be said for teaching your kids to dress appropriately. But imposing arbitrary rules on a societal level? Your use of the word “misguided” is perfect. It’s akin to telling a Christian they can’t wear a cross, or banning Jewish men from wearing yarmulkes.

        As for the citizens’ demands for action, I can only report on what I’ve observed during my visits since the attacks — and the view (at least among my French friends) is that bigotry and oppression won’t do anything to prevent terrorism.

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      • Agreed, and don’t you think it’s interesting that the focus was on women at the beach? As a kid (because we lived in Germany) I spent many summers on French Riviera and let me tell ya..I got an eye full- which is ironic since there was so little to see-in a clothing sense that is.-HA..just makes one wonder why the sudden emphasis was on what women were wearing at the beach..Did leadership feel these women were spoiling the “atmosphere” this area is known for?

        The only thing I do (personally) struggle with though are the full black burqas..To me, they are menacing and scary looking-they remind me of the dementors from Harry Potter..and I also feel like the women are imprisoned under them.. a visual representation of their oppression. But then again, I hate those tribal earrings and pants that sag so where do you draw the line? Let’s say in some cultures the women couldn’t go out in public without being attached to their men with a leash ..would we in the West “allow” that? I’m not sure we would..but then again, what if the women claimed it made them feel safe? I just don’t know where we draw the line..or if we even should. Who knows anymore..

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