The art of making up your mind.

My husband and I have been spending way too much of our free time working on our little town home up here in Charlotte.  Some projects are urgent and unavoidable, but others could be spaced out a bit more.  Having our daughter home from college over the summer was helpful as we felt compelled to add a bit more “fun stuff” to the itinerary.

We could still do better..

As I was reading The View from the Porch last week, I found myself relating to Nancy’s concern that the summer was slipping away and her bucket list for the season was still rather full. We both agreed we’d get to a museum… soon!

Well Nancy, I did!  My husband and I went to the USAIR museum in Charlotte..a relatively small, but very well done, display of beautifully maintained planes in a hangar on the opposite side of the runway at the busy Charlotte-Douglas airport. They had all kinds of aircraft from crop dusters to military jets to the famous “Miracle on the Hudson” plane that Sully Sullenberger landed on the River. The accompanying photos, videos and artifacts were fascinating additions to the actual USAIR plane and helped bring the entire event to life. (Probably wasn’t a bad idea to visit that museum BEFORE the movie comes out.)


So Nancy, I enjoyed the entire experience.. thanks for motivating me to go!!   Isn’t it  amazing what happens when you simply make up your mind to do something? Looking at the plane that Captain Sullenberger expertly landed, saving so many lives, is certainly a visual reminder of that!

Now if I could just make up my mind to go the gym!

 You first…😉





  1. Well done! I’m so glad I motivated you guys to do something fun and interesting (home improvement will ALWAYS be there). What a cool museum! We went to an aviation museum in Dayton Ohio once and I remember really enjoying it. There was even an older “Air Force One” plane that we could tour. that puts you one ahead of me so I better get moving!! (Oh, and you are on your own with the gym. I only exercise in my own home. I don’t need strangers seeing how much I sweat!😊)

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    • HAHA!- Well this won’t be the week I get to the gym as the tile guys are FINALLY coming to put my bathroom together!!! YAY! – But yes, thank-you for the motivation to get out there and do something different and unique to the area..can’t wait to hear about where you go. 😀

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