Some Choice-2016


This is what it feels like to be an American right now with the election just months away. It’s as if we’re stuck on a volcanic island that is huffing and puffing and threatening to blow us apart.

We have three options available to save ourselves:

#1- Hitch a ride on the USS TRUMP,  although it’s about 50% engulfed in flames.


#2- Climb aboard the USS HILLARY, and hope she reaches Nov 8 before her ever-expanding collection of lies, leaks & baggage sinks the ship..


or #3- Jump directly into the shark infested water with ‘every man for himself’-Gary Johnson.- COWABUNGA DUDE!


Hmm, suddenly staying on the volcano is looking like a real option.





    • I’m still hanging on to the edge of the volcano…😐 I almost put my floatation ring on to head out with Gary..but had second thoughts when I listened to him give an interview on a seersucker suit jacket, light blue and white stripes to boot..omg. All 4 of my kids are of voting age this election and I told them I begrudge no one their choice- in fact I don’t even want to know how or if they even vote..This is an unbelievable situation we find ourselves in- truly unbelievable..everybody has to wrestle with their conscience on this sucks.

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