Is there a Case for a Land-line?


Shortly after we moved into our town home up in Charlotte, I bought a phone for the kitchen.

My first call was from a solicitor..

so was the second..

and the third.

After just a few months, I had my number changed due to the barrage of daily, annoying, harassing, mostly pre-recorded, robo-calls to take a survey, call a congressman,  fix my roof, my windows, my AC, my credit and increasingly frequent and aggressive calls from bill collectors looking for a specific fellow who obviously had our same number before it was recycled and passed on to us. I just couldn’t take it anymore!

Unbelievably, Time Warner was going to charge $40 for a change.

I made the point that they essentially had given us a “dirty” number. “There are certain expectations customers have” I explained..”among those are clean sheets at a hotel and a reasonably  “clean” number for your phone.”

After a ten minute conversation with a rep and then another ten with a supervisor, they waived the fee and we were given a new number. I felt triumphant and hopeful as I hung up the receiver..but within minutes, as if to taunt me, the phone rang again.

It was an automated call from Time Warner – asking me to rate their customer service.





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