This is actually happening..

The Supreme Court in London yesterday ruled against the Scottish “named person law.”  This law, which was scheduled to take effect August 31st, would assign a teacher, “health visitor,” or other official to every single Scottish baby at birth…to “ENSURE their well-being”  until they reach adulthood.

Just think of it as your child’s very own governmental ‘fairy Godmonitor.’


Golly, when I left the hospital with my babies, I was happy to get 3 free diapers!

Even though the Supreme Court put the law on hold, it clarified that the idea is coming from a ‘good place’ and has given the Scottish government 42 days to amend the law to address citizens’ privacy concerns. Education Secretary John Swinney said they would make changes to “provide greater clarity” about “information-sharing.”

(Yeah, that makes it all so much better…)

Can you even imagine what it would be like having representatives of the government personally involved in raising your child?



What could POSSIBLY go wrong here..?


And for the love of liberty- what’s next, “marriage minders?”










    • Makes you wonder if people are actually paying attention to what their government is doing. Just imagine the issues that could pop up- especially with regards to teenagers, schooling choices, religion, divorce, allowance (haha) ..I mean wow.


  1. Holy Nose-in-your-business, Batgirl! I like the idea of protecting kids and keeping them from harm, but how can anyone judge another’s family dynamics? The pressures that would put on people right there might cause additional stress.

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  2. More government involvement in our personal lives is not a good thing.
    When I was in the grocery store the other day, I noticed very small cans and bottles of pop (soda), which made me think they are going to regulate our sugar intake whether it’s through law or pocketbook. Oh sure, we can buy 2 small cans and get the amount we want, but we’ll be paying significantly more than we used to.

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    • I’m just shocked that any law even remotely this intrusive can pass with the people’s approval. If Hillary is elected, and I think she will be, we can expect stuff like this in the US. Scares me..not that Trump doesn’t scare me too…


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