Advice for Life

If I wrote a book and did nothing but list advice for life, it would have to include the following:

Don’t get out of your car if you’re driving through the tiger section of a wildlife preserve.

It’s hard to watch, but there is actual video on today of a woman at the Badaling Wildlife World animal park near Beijing doing exactly that.  Seems she got into an argument with someone else in the car and decided the only answer was to get out of the vehicle and change seats-immediately-regardless of the fact that they were basically  smack-dab in the middle of a safari.



Before she could get back into the car, a huge tiger comes out of nowhere and snatches her away like a rag doll. Two of the horrified passengers in the car jump out to her aid; one of them is subsequently killed by a second tiger.

Advice for life?

Anger is blinding. Don’t make any rash or impulsive decisions when you are caught up in a swirl of raw emotion. Give it a few minutes.. or a day.. or a week .. or whatever time is needed for the air to clear so you can see well enough to make smart choices that won’t do damage to yourself – or others.

And oh yeah, don’t be one of those “I’ll show you” types who believes they can make a point more dramatically by putting themselves at risk.  This woman may have thought she was making a big statement about how angry she was by flippantly and purposely exposing herself to danger, but in the end- she exposed everyone to it.. and someone else paid the ultimate price for her recklessness.






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