Points to Paradise

I am not ashamed to admit that I have used my credit card to purchase a pair of $1.99 tweezers at Walgreens.   Hey, each dollar spent is a point or two that counts towards a “free” hotel stay and by golly, I’m collecting

every single one.

  I don’t know “what’s in your wallet” but I swear I can hear the ocean when I pull my VISA  out of mine.


I guess you could say that shopping is a bit like playing Pokemon Go..


except these points actually lead to a real prize… (after you collect about 60 billion.)

Below are pictures I took this week-end when we finally cashed in our 2 night hotel “reward.”


Sunrise stroll on the beach,  worth at least 7,500 points
Direct Ocean view room on 10th floor, minimum 14,987  points for sure
Poolside menu on a paddle- clearly a 2,000 point bonus

 Three amazing pools,

2 hot jacuzzis

and I’m sure if I had looked, I’d have found a partridge in a palm tree.

(value? hands down-40,000 points.)


So after this glorious week-end of free lodging

the VISA-rewards-counter is sadly back at zero.

But that’s OK,

my husband needs some shaving cream.

And you know what they say..

A journey of a hundred thousand zillion points 

begins with one tiny purchase.









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