How far will we go to protect ourselves?

Fair skin is so prized in China that people are going to extraordinary lengths to protect their faces from the sun. The Facekini is the latest invention designed to keep the UV rays fro damaging, and darkening, the skin.

I was surprised to learn that several European fashion houses actually incorporated this “trend” into their 2016 summer line up. Their gamble was that women in Western cultures would want to protect their skin from the sun’s damaging rays as well.


My question is probably an obvious one; Isn’t the sun bad for other parts of your body besides your face? Would the woman willing to wear a lizard mask wear a suit that exposes so much skin in other places?



Obviously, yes.

Covering every square inch of skin is more clear cut with children I gather..


Judging from these pictures, drowning is also an additional, parental concern.






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