Works for me!

So after spending a horrendous 4 hours at the DMV yesterday, I came home to a broken air conditioner. I thought it felt a bit clammy earlier in the morning, but these days I just write everything off as a hot flash.

The guy who services these AC units had car (van) trouble yesterday so we are still waiting for him to get here..hopefully this morning. Yes, it’s been rather toasty in the house- not end of the world-run to a hotel-kinda hot..but just enough to make me cranky..which I could- but refuse to be.


This is where I’m sitting right now, with a fan blowing at me over the top of a pan of melting ice.  Not sure if the ice has any “Lake effect” on the air but just seeing those frosty, floating cubes and the condensation dripping down the cold metal sides helps.

I know that gratitude is the key to happiness, so under the  afore mentioned circumstances, I thought it would be therapeutic to share a few things that are making my life “better” these days.

I’m doing this instead of writing a long rant about the DMV…Forget the temperature in my house- that alone would bring on a case of heat stroke. Anyway,  it’s far too soon for that..the trauma is way too fresh.

So here goes:

I don’t know if you use shampoo in these tubes, but we seem to have trouble ever getting the lids closed all the way.  Every once in a while this results  in an oozy mess leaking down the side of the bathtub. I bought this suction-soap dish at Bed Bath and Beyond to hold them upside down and voila! problem solved!


Another thing that is adding pleasure and relaxation to my life these days (esp if I have one of my husband’s fabulous cocktails in hand) is this super comfy swing..from WALMART! I ordered this one online- free delivery!!


Yet another thing I am grateful for, especially during bar-b-que season are ziploc bags. I know I’m reaching here..but just like having a working AC, we take these little wonder-bags for granted.  C’mon…you know you’d  miss them if you didn’t have ’em!


Lastly, I am grateful for my journal where I log answered prayers. Some of the stuff in there is little..some of it is major. I was able to add some important entries this week and this is probably the biggest reason why I don’t want to allow myself to get side-tracked or annoyed by stupid stuff like the non-functioning AC or the non-functioning DMV.

God is constantly moving in my life..guiding, protecting and loving me and my family.  I feel happy and peaceful and contented just pondering this truth..of course sitting 12 inches from the fan while I do it helps too.


    • It was a bummer to be sure, but the guy finally made it out in the afternoon and it was a relatively straightforward fix. I was impressed how long it took for the house to cool back down..esp. upstairs.. but it was perfect by bedtime and I slept like a baby! 👍 (We had slept on the floor downstairs the night before) The that’s a whole other story..not sure how you can fix that mess.

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