There are many more serious and important things in life- but being stuck in a bumble-bee outfit was starting to annoy me. I wasn’t literally- physically dressed up like a bee, but somehow the bitmoji on my i-phone was..and I couldn’t figure out how to “undo” it.

My kids say that I’m bad with tech and hey, I won’t deny it. And unlike them, when a problem develops that I can’t seem to easily fix, I tend to give up prematurely and just deal with it..

..which I think I have a tendency to do too much in general- you know, accepting things I could change..a few extra pounds, a sour relationship, a bad habit, a negative attitude..

Too bad the consequences of my self-imposed limitations and self-defeating choices aren’t always as obvious and uncomfortable as a dumb bumble-bee outfit..maybe then I’d be motivated to address (undress?) them.. 😉


  1. Thank you for finding a great lesson in what — to most people — would simply be a trivial annoyance. (Isn’t it surprising how quickly an avatar can go from kinda cute to deeply annoying?) I do hope you’ll figure out how to put the queen bee back in her hive, Cindy!

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    • The bee has buzzed off..thanks to my daughter’s assistance. 👍 But I tell ya, I couldn’t help but think of all the other situations in my life where I have let things go on and on just because I was too lazy, overwhelmed, distracted or disinterested to fix them..

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