Lies and flies


I woke up with a headache so bad that I almost felt like my ears were plugged. I get these when I’m mad. It’s been one of those weeks where I have been lied to by enough people to make a list- and I’ve just had it.

Lying is like painting over a water stain on the ceiling.. the truth will eventually seep right through, so all you are really doing is buying time.

Now if you’re an exchange student trying to escape from communist North Korea and you have to dress up like a local and lie about your identity to get to the airport so you can save yourself from 50 years of hard labor because you accidentally packed your bible and the maid found it in your hotel room under your pillow –  have at it;  I’d lie too.

Don’t those uniform pants almost have a Louboutin look to them? haha!!! 😂

But short of that there are really very few situations where lying is actually worth it in the long run.

Lying is a trust killer (example A- Hillary Clinton) and there is nothing worse than having a relationship with people either personally or professionally whom you can’t trust. It’s a bit like that leery feeling you get eating a salad – AFTER you’ve found a fly in it..


..and heaven forbid you find a second.





    • Oh I get my share of those for sure.. though a lot of my frustrations recently have to do with getting stuff for the house done. For the life of me, I don’t know why people make promises they cannot keep..It is SO aggravating!

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      • I know. So many people lie anymore. They don’t want to do their job because that would require effort, so they lie so you won’t get upset with them. Immature and poor character.

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      • Well, it’s boom time here it I guess customer service is an after thought. It’s really quite incredible..and annoying- esp because our projects are small in comparison to all the major buildings going up in the city..I feel like I have to promise chocolate chip cookies and gas money just to get someone out for an estimate!

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