Nope- I don’t get it.


So I actually saw one of these refrigerators broadcasting “live” at Home Depot the other day. This baby can stream TV, act like a phone, produce video from inside the fridge, play music and connect to the internet.

Having had four kids, I’m assuming this pricey piece of equipment is best suited for homes with no children. Visions of ice-cream and peanut butter smeared across the screen come to mind, as well as the thought that slamming the door ten thousand times a day might not be great for this computer’s inner workings.

I personally think the concept of a smart TV embedded in a refrigerator door is about as smart as the the in-the-door coffee maker.


I mean seriously, why not build a toaster into the door?

Or how about a blender or mini microwave?

And just out of much room do these in-the-door wonder inventions steal from the space inside the know, that area where you actually may want to store food?

Seriously… the folks who design this stuff probably need to think a bit more about the “whys” of their inventions and less about the “why nots?”

Ok, Ok, maybe I’m just showing my age here..

Maybe there really is something to be said about being able to order pizza from the door of your fridge when the live interior video feed shows there’s no food inside to eat.









    • YUPPERS! For me it’s always been about space inside. Can you even imagine anything more annoying in your kitchen?? Reminds me of the TVs on gas pumps..I mean really, WHY???


      • Sadly, hacked appliances — and cars! — actually are a thing. (Kinda makes that styrofoam box full of ice look a lot more appealing, doesn’t it? Ha.)

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      • No kidding..I never even considered that..but I guess as anything that is very well could be hacked. It’s a bit like credit cards..I feel like each one is just one more portal into our personal info that can be breached. Once, our bank called about suspicious activity on one of our cards..and this person was literally shopping as the bank fraud lady spoke to was all happening in real time..freaked me out!! Plus that whole fridge computer thing is just so stupid..and the coffee maker..making HOT water in a cold refrigerator door..really? These inventors need to put their minds to killing Zika mosquitoes or something…😐

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      • I had a similar credit card experience, Cindy! My bank called and asked whether by chance I was in Japan, and proceeded to inform me that “I” had just filled up on gasoline — and then had attempted to buy a piano. A PIANO!! It was surreal. But the appliance thing may actually be a bigger issue, because their networking software often isn’t very secure — and then doesn’t get updated. My husband actually got rid of our smart TV after reading this article:
        I really miss streaming my Amazon Prime, but when you consider the risks it’s small price to pay.

        PS: Stopping Zika would be pretty awesome too.

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      • Oh no..we just got a smart TV!!!..not that we’re doing anything smart with it..but wait, we do stream off Amazon. I’ll read the article- I don’t wanna but I will…😩


      • No need to panic! From what I understand, if your network and router are password-protected, it’s pretty tough to get past your TV and access your computer. My husband is just extra-cautious about these things. (He also frowns on my using Bluetooth to play songs on my car stereo.)

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      • Whaaaat? The bluetooth too?? Wow..and we’re just peons..why would anyone bother??..I mean maybe not you guys, but we sure are boring nobodies in the world… Makes you wonder about old Hillary though, still so sure no one hacked into her private e-mail, huh? HAHAHA!!!

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      • ” a toboggan run directly to your computer?????” OMGOSH!! 😩 Im sending this to my husband..he’s at the Atlanta airport..he probably needs something to read..

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