“And in this corner…”


There was a vigil for the Orlando shooting victims at a college in Missouri this week. A thin girl with a soft voice got in front of the microphone and told the audience how nervous she was speaking in front of so many white people. An affirming, courteous chuckle rippled through the crowd.. she told them her statement wasn’t meant to be a joke, and it got stone-cold-quiet..real quick.

The girl then launched into a verbal scolding asking why this same audience hadn’t shown up for Black Lives Matter events. The audience looked somewhat bewildered, but politely clapped for her anyway. The speaker continued with her condescending comments  until she was interrupted by a lone voice in the audience. It was a gay man who had come with his husband to pay respects to those who had been killed in Florida. His voice got louder as he asked why this woman was turning the vigil into a divisive lecture about race..

Hissing and booing rippled through the crowd- a loud voice from another microphone drowned out his complaint with free-flowing ramblings about people’s feelings.

The man and his shaken partner walked away from the event.. unlit candles in hand.


There are plenty of things happening in this country these days that concern me deeply, but one of them is exactly what you see and hear in the video of this vigil posted below. Tragedies are used as leverage to push various agendas and score points whether political, personal, or simply for attention.

We have become crude and rude and self promoting.

Victimhood is trademarked with hashtags and T-shirts; membership  jealousy guarded and strictly limited. We don’t just want to have our say, we want to humiliate others into silence. Those who disagree must be delegitimatized, denigrated and destroyed.

We don’t retreat to our corners any more; we live in them, fortify them and attack from them.

Terrorism scares me that’s for sure, but what worries me as well is the mentally fragile yet emotionally rabid state of our national psyche.

A house divided cannot stand..

and my friends, we are coming apart at the beams.









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