Feelin’ the Bern?



Bernie Sander’s Donor Breakdown:

(LA Times)



NOT WORKING                         ************************************28.6%

Healthcare                                 ***********  7.4%

Education                                  ***********  7.2%

Tech                                            *********  5.1%

Arts/entertainment               *** 4.4%

Construction                            **  3.5%

Legal                                           * 2.6%


So if you make the assumption that a large proportion of people who are “not working” receive government benefits,  you can conclude (based on the information above) that the US Government is indirectly the source of a significant percentage of Bernie Sanders’ campaign contributions- which means that YOU-the taxpayer- are essentially a contributor to the one socialist running for president.

Just thought I’d point that out.

Now ya feelin’ the Bern?





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