Why is there a Donald Trump?


He’s abrasive, rude, and politically as incorrect as they come..so how could he be where he is today?

Let me explain it this way:

Did you know the US government takes almost $2 BILLION of the taxes it collects from its citizens every year and slides it over to America’s 4,500 sugar producers?

Part of this subsidy is an agreement that if the price of sugar sinks below a certain point, the sugar farmers can literally force the Dept of Agriculture to buy their product (again, with MORE of YOUR tax money) at a higher price.

Imagine if the government sent a truck to your driveway at the end of your garage sale and paid top dollar for all the stuff you wouldn’t sell earlier because you felt the offers were too low… That would be a sweeeet deal for sure..huh? Well, don’t hold your breath cause that ain’t happening..for you.

So how does all YOUR support of the sugar industry help individual Americans you may ask?

Not much..

#1 We get to pay twice what the rest of the world pays for sugar because the government’s guaranteed buy-back plan keeps prices inflated and also because our government has imposed tariffs and restrictions on cheap sugar coming in from other countries.

No competition= higher prices.

#2 Sugar farming is ruining the Everglades in Florida and the surrounding water-ways.

#3 The Candy manufacturers have moved overseas where sugar is cheaper, taking those jobs with them.

And here’s the kicker..

In spite of all this support and protection of sugar companies..the Obama administration’s FDA is clamping down on sugar consumption, requiring changes in food labeling and passing restrictions because..wait for it..sugar is so unhealthy.

So basically our government is publicly slapping “big sugar” in the face while quietly stuffing money in their pockets.

Talk about a sugar daddy..

This is just one single example of how messed up our government is..which brings me back to Trump.

Why is he where he is today?…Because while most Americans may have no idea about the specifics of the crazy, stupid, outrageous stuff that goes on with the money Uncle Sam takes out of their paychecks- they instinctively know their government LIES to them..





And they are angry-really angry!

And suddenly, in walks this loud, obnoxious OUTSIDER…stepping on toes and calling politicians incompetent..liars..fakes..and worse.

And guess what?

The people love him, not in spite of it… BECAUSE of it.







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