Trophy Syndrome


So here’s the question… If I walk on the treadmill for half an hour, but forget to put my step-counter in my pocket…does it “count?”

I’m serious here; I think I’m suffering from Trophy Syndrome.

I have a tremendous need for tangible proof of achievement, usually in numerical form.  Be it the number on the scale or number on my step-counter..It’s as if I am compelled to quantify my undertaking or it’s simply not “real.”

And while I’m sure there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, a curious thing happened yesterday when I realized I wouldn’t be able to “log” my steps once I got to the gym-

I actually almost went straight back home.

I didn’t, but the thought did seriously cross my mind. I quite literally felt that if I couldn’t measure my effort, or get that positive feedback, well then I shouldn’t even bother.


My daughter’s elementary school used to log parent volunteer hours. This concept not only created fierce competition with other schools, (let’s be honest.. with other mommies) but the level of parental involvement supposedly affected the schools’ over-all “grade” and therefore government funding.   I thought the whole concept was an absolute crock and I refused to play along. There are few things in life that bug me more than being manipulated and artificially motivated by bogus constructs like this. I’d like to think that if I take on a task it’s because it’s important to me- not because I’m in need of a pat on the back, points or a gold star.

And yet.. and yet.. I’ll probably take a quick peek on Word Press tonight to see how many “likes” this little diatribe received.


Clearly …Trophy Syndrome.






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