The squeak is where it’s weak.

“What is that horrible noise??” I yelled up to my husband.

He was where he always is after work, in the construction zone that is our master bathroom. I’d say we are in the middle of the remodel, but (even though we’ve been at this for a few weeks) it feels like we are still at the beginning.


I was under the impression we would just demo the thing and then quickly fill it up with all the shiny, new stuff I’m picking out- but no, it’s been a lot more involved.  The big noise was coming from my husband’s super-dee-dooper, deafening drill that basically simultaneously twists and bangs screws into the surface of whatever you are working on. He loves that thing- I loathe it. 


He was in the bathroom on his hands and knees pounding a pack of screws into the floor boards.  You see our upstairs squeaks like a haunted mansion.  It’s really obnoxious, especially if you are downstairs- sounds like the jolly green giant is moving around and about to fall through and land on my head.


My husband is the most thorough man I have ever met. While I am willing to overlook certain things just so I can hurry a project along, he wants everything to be just right- including the floors. He’s not about to ignore these problem areas and build on top of (sq)weak spots.

Ah yes, those pesky, squeaky, weak spots..

I don’t know about you, but I have a few of those in my life right now and I will freely confess that I often just try to ignore and avoid them. The difficulty with these vulnerable areas is that small cracks and creaks have a tendency to grow, and before you know it a heretofore tiny problem is suddenly taking up a shocking amount of time and space in your life, creating all kinds of frustrating complications and making a lot of obvious and embarrassing “noise.”


Relationship difficulties, issues with food or substances, anxieties, fears (like of flying 😟) are just a few potential struggles. Hate to admit it, but unlike my hubby, I’m a carpet chick..I tend to toss pretty “throw rugs” over problem areas and just avoid dealing with them.  But have you ever been in a house with little rugs all over the floor?? (Like no one suspects there’s something bad going on under all of that.. who are we kidding here?- ha!)

And while this classic denial technique may make things  easier for a while, eventually our lives become severely diminished as we tip-toe around all of our self imposed limitations and restrictions in an effort to avoid “stepping in it.”

That’s no way to live.

I want my life to be like our floor in the bathroom..completely re-inforced- corner to corner- and ready to handle the weight of whatever I (or the Lord) choose to place on it.

Do you have some squeaky spots in your life that you’ve chosen to simply cover up and avoid? Why not rip-up the rugs, expose the truth, strengthen those weak areas and liberate yourself to enjoy every single square foot of the “life-space” you’ve been given? It may get a bit noisy and you may kick up some dust as you address and fix things head on, but it will be so, so worth the effort to ultimately live in all that freedom.






  1. Oh my yes, I have squeaky spots in my life — and an eclectic collection of rugs with which to cover them! Thank you for this wonderful reminder that it’s really better to just address the heart of the matter, Cindy.

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    • My fear of flying is probably the biggest “squeak” I ever dealt with. I kept having to get bigger rugs to cover that problem..making dumb and outrageous excuses as to why I couldn’t take certain trips..😐..wish that was the only issue I ever dealt with..but oh, there were/are more..haha! But I keep working on ’em!

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