The absence of pain

Well, we finally got a new mattress.  I have been complaining of aches and pains and poor sleep for ages. I’ve tried melatonin, herbal teas, exercise, name it, all in an effort to secure a solid, comfortable night’s sleep.


A few weeks ago it struck me that maybe our mattress wasn’t the right one for us. I went to our local mattress store and plopped myself across every single bed they sell. I went a total of three (four, five?) times because I was so unsure and scared of making a mistake.  Mattresses cost a bloody fortune these days and I wanted to be certain I chose the right one. Wouldn’t surprise me if the guys at our store played rock, paper, scissors to decide who would assist old Goldilocks here each time I showed up at their door.

In all seriousness, the salesmen were very patient, knowledgeable and a great help.  We finally settled on a Tempurpedic hybrid and it was delivered yesterday. No doubt the Mattress Firm folks have to split the commission amongst their entire team.. probably popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate when we finally sealed the deal..haha.

And guess what?

I got out of bed this morning

and my hip








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