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Bathroom Debate

OH MY GOSH…can we stop already??

I don’t know where you live, but in our neck of the woods all anyone talks about these days  is this bathroom “controversy”..girls, boys, girls who feel like boys, boys who feel like girls, humans who don’t feel like they are either… (yes, there is such a thing, it’s called binary.) blah, blah, blah…

I listened to an NPR interview recently with two men discussing how bathrooms are going to need to be redesigned to accommodate both sexes ( I didn’t mean to say both..I mean ALL sexes..including all kinds of transitionary or transitioned iterations, be they physically manifested or purely philosophical or psychological leanings with or without outward cues or clues as to the sex of the person and certainly not excluding those who refuse to be classified as members of any recognized sex or category of human kind… All are welcome, heck, bring your chihuahua)

Anyway, we will need  doors that are floor to ceiling, they explained, elimination of gaps, piped in music.. all to help people feel more comfortable with the new, progressive open bathroom and locker concept. This is of course not to be confused with open concept homes where the kitchen flows into the family room..no this is actually removing one primary barrier (the door to the entire restroom) and basically “up-armouring” each individual stall; fortifying multiple individual barriers.

Yup, someone is going to make a ton of money doing this.

Recent polls show that .03% of the population is transgender…not a very big group, but we will still go ahead and retrofit bathrooms across the nation because..well, just because. Hey, if it puts people to work, I guess I’m all for it..Can we just stop going on and on and on about it?

Yeah I know, no chance.  The liberals have their social issue du jour locked and loaded just in time for the election. Last time it was birth control pills..this time it will be the potty they beat conservatives over the head with. Meanwhile…somewhere in a cave with no toilets at all, a group of ISIS leaders is planning its next attack on the West and having a good belly laugh at America’s latest distraction.






  1. It does seem out of control, especially since transgendered people have been using restrooms all along and nobody noticed or cared. I don’t know why it’s so hard to treat everyone with kindness despite all our differences. I live in a part of the country that, for the most part, doesn’t buy into the nonsense.

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    • “Don’t ask-don’t tell” has such a negative connotation, but if you see it through the eyes of a libertarian I think it makes sense ..and with the bathroom situation..hey- it’s been working! Live and let live and leave others alone… Just because a person doesn’t eat meat doesn’t mean they can’t sit at the same table with someone eating a burger..I think it’s just annoying when that someone keeps trying to convert you to something you aren’t into .. “Here, just take a bite!!..c’mon, take a bite!!”I’m not comfortable with the whole trans and binary thing..but no one should care too much about what I think-nor try and convert me to their views..it’s just none of my (or their) business..and I treat everyone with the same respect. My real concern in all this truly isn’t a transperson in the bathroom..there are so few I’ll probably never run into that situation..and if Ms. Jenner ever did show up, I really wouldn’t care. My concern is the “peeping Tom” (or worse) taking advantage of “open” bathrooms. If I walk into the showers at the Y after swimming and a man is standing there naked, you can be sure I’ll leave the area and come back later. I hope my daughters feel the same way..I want them to trust their instincts and be safe rather than feel pressured by society into believing that something’s wrong with them if they are uncomfortable in that situation. In the end, as it always is, women will be the ones forced to make whatever concessions society demands of them. Oh well. 😐 But I agree with you for sure.. whatever we want to call what it was before- it was working.

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      • I don’t like doorless bathrooms regardless of the sex of other potty-goers, and I certainly don’t think Ms. Jenner should be forced to use a men’s room. That seems horrible to me. I agree that the group shower situation would be odd too, but I don’t like group showers with all women either – I’m sounding like such a prude! My guess is most people are just people, and we’d all work it out somehow.

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      • I feel the same..and I don’t think its fair to feel like we’re prudes. My daughter and I drove 9 hours to Florida a few days ago and had to make stops along the way. At one gas station bathroom, the gaps were so wide in the stalls you could have passed a 1/4 roll of TP to the person waiting outside. I felt completely (and unnecessarily) exposed..and like you said..it was all women! I saw an architect’s rendering of an open bathroom the other day (NYT?) with men’s urinals lined up right next to a baby changing station-separated only by a small wall-no door. I’m sorry, but what mother wants that? What if she was alone with her baby and a man came in to relieve himself? There just has to be a better way to settle what, up until now, has been a non-problem for the VAST majority.

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  2. I’ve used some bathrooms that have floor to ceiling walls, basically little rooms and they are awesome because they do afford more privacy AND eliminate those awful odors. Usually found in pricier establishments. I don’t understand why all of a sudden this had become an issue.

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