Dopes and Dopers- The 2016 Primary

I watched a scandalous 60 minutes piece the other day about Russian athletes taking banned performance enhancers. The problem is widespread and calls into question many recent (and not so recent) victories.


One of their top runners, who has since come to live in the US, secretly took video on her i-phone of the trainer giving her steroids and conversations with other athletes and officials who clearly either participated in “juicing” or helped cover it up.

An American runner interviewed for the exposé described what it was like competing  against the two Russian girls who medaled in her particular event. She said she glanced up as her rival blew past her in the final sprint and thought:

“I am running against a machine.”

Female Robot Running


I wonder if Bernie Sanders feels the same way?

Let’s face it, Hillary is doping.  Her IV line to “super delegates” is an advantage that would be insurmountable for anyone trying to take her on. Can you even imagine all the backroom agreements that have been made over the past eight years to secure (buy) these all important votes? She knew she was going to win the primary long before she officially announced- and so did the DNC; her delegate “dealer.”


Running against the “Clinton machine” is no different than running against those who dope to ensure athletic victory.  Shame on the candidate and the entire self-serving Democratic-doping-complex. And shame on the press who can’t see past one dope to honestly cover the other.




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