Is Trump “simply irresistible ?”



When I saw Donald Trump on TV last night, I immediately thought of this song..



“He’s simply irresistible… 🎶..He’s a craze you’d endorse, he’s a powerful force
You’re obliged to conform when there’s no other course..”

(These are the actual lyrics btw, I just turned the “she” into a “he”   ..creepy huh?)

Ah yes,  Simply Irresistible.. great Robert Palmer song..1988..the year my son was born. My goodness, seems like a hundred years ago..and a world away. And here we are this morning..Donald Trump has won the Republican primary – who would have thought, huh?

I’ve never made it a secret that he is not my kind of guy..  neither was the guy I voted for.

But as I read through a few articles this morning I came to the conclusion that the system worked as it was meant least on the Republican side. The will of the majority-whether you agree with it or not- has come to pass. It was no secret that the “establishment” did not want Trump to win, but again, the will of the people crippled their repeated attempts to derail his candidacy.

And then you have the Democrats..with Bernie Sanders handing Hillary yet another upset last night and the pundits all over TV this morning reminding us that none of that matters because she has so many super-delegates…and it’s true.

The regular delegate count is an actual horse-race with Hillary at 1,700 and Bernie at 1,410.

But look at these “super delegate” numbers:  Hillary 520, Bernie 39!!

So who are these “SUPER-DEE-DOOPER” delegates? They are elected “officials”, all Democratic representatives in the House and the Senate, all sitting Democratic governors and “distinguished leaders.” Loosely translated; this is your hand-picked democratic “establishment.” Sure doesn’t sound very fair or democratic to me and this primary has really highlighted how stacked the deck is for Clinton.

Democratic leadership is probably looking at the Republican side this morning and thanking God that they have a fully rigged primary system.  

And trust me, I’m sure Republican leaders will try to add their own version of super delegates as soon as their war wounds heal.

As super delegate Howard Dean (yes, he’s a “super”) said recently in a tweet:  “Super delegates don’t ‘represent people’ I’m not elected by anyone. I’ll do what I think is right for the country.” 

Ahh yes, a moment of refreshing honesty that’s either disturbing..or reassuring.






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