Circling the drain- literally

I am starting to feel like a National Geographic explorer..a Mutual of Omaha crew member..a Jacqueline Cousteau ..


Only I’m not exploring the depths of the ocean or some far off corner of the globe,  I’m just sitting here with my morning coffee reading the headlines about a country..

my country..

a place that with each passing day seems ever more foreign to me.

As many of you know, North Carolina has been involved in a battle over bathrooms and whether or not they should abolish the whole concept of separating (or even recognizing) male and female.  And just when you think you cannot bend your mind any more trying to wrap your head around the issue, along comes the latest controversy- this one regarding the open-air “pissoirs” out in San Francisco.


Yes, in an effort to mitigate the growing problem of people urinating all over the place in public (really?)  city leaders have installed open-air urinals. (see above) It also seems we are late to this party as other countries, with similar “pissues,” 😂… have already fully embraced this idea. (see below)

A Pissoir in France. No doubt it smells like a spring rain shower..and the architectural design..ces’t magnifique!


And of course, there is now a law suit that’s been brought forth, and interestingly enough one of the arguments against the California “pissoirs” is that they are discriminatory to women who would be forced to expose much more of themselves than men to use these public facilities that are clearly, obviously, designed for men only.



I saw a comment from a twitter user the other day concerning the state of Western civilization – he lamented that we are “circling the drain.” -Circling the drain indeed.





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