That’s what my head feels like it’s about to do these days when I read the news.  The following two stories are especially vexing..and controversial..and have me puzzled.


The first deals with Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who basically pretended to be black. She was back in the news trying to explain herself and I think she may also be selling a book. (big surprise) She was making the argument that she “identified” as black, was making some physical changes to look black and felt she really was therefore black. Yes, it sounds completely crazy..after all she simply wasn’t born black!  But if you take the transgender argument and apply it to her case, you start to ask yourself why society would treat her differently than a man who identifies as a woman. I mean if you are born male, but feel like you’re a woman and start dressing like a woman..society has deemed that you can call yourself a woman and enjoy whatever privileges come along with being that sex. We don’t call the transgender person crazy- but the “transracial” person is?

The second issue that has me scratching my head is the ever growing list of artists who are canceling their performances in states that recently passed laws that they consider unfair to the LGBT community. Bruce Springsteen, Brian Adams and now Ringo Star have very publicly backed out of scheduled performances because they do not agree with the opinions behind specific legislation.


These artists feel it is their right to deny a service ( in this case a concert) to paying customers because they strongly disagree with certain values and beliefs. And yet one of the issues they are protesting is other people’s right to deny services to paying customers because they strongly disagree with certain values and beliefs…


I know…





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