I was so worried I wouldn’t finish in time. The audio-book was good, but it had long, bloody and repetitive battle scenes that were a bit tough to slog through. Days would go by without me listening, then I’d go on a walk and “plug it in”.. only to realize after about twenty minutes of “pop, bang, crack, whiz” (and other war sound effects) that I’d somehow re-started a chapter I’d already listened to!!!!

The book is called Devotion by Adam Makos, and in spite of all the gory fighting, I do recommend it. ( I downloaded the book off i-tunes so my husband and I could listen on long drives.) It’s a true story about heroism, love and racism during the Korean war and I actually learned a lot.  This was also our neighborhood book-club’s selection for the month of April.


Yup.. our new, little neighborhood has a ladies book club.

So there I was,  perched on a bar stool at a local restaurant last night, surrounded by seven other women in “the club” discussing PTSD, Putin and our country’s changing sense of patriotism. Looking around, it suddenly struck me how incredibly blessed I was. My husband and I have moved about 14 times in our 32 years of marriage and with the exception of that ONE nut-job out in California, we have always had wonderful neighbors..always.

I am convinced that the good Lord has had His hand on our lives and has guided every step, every decision and every move…including this most recent one. And as I pulled the covers over my shoulders at around midnight and whispered my gratitude for having found new friends, I couldn’t help but feel that warm sense of being protected and loved.

I also felt something new..

roots sinking in.







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