How to stay informed and stay sane..

If you watch/read a news story that sets your hair on fire- immediately click on the live streaming video of this Eagle in her’s SO calming, distracting and relaxing..I’m totally invested in these crazy eggs!

Bird -cam link here:

News that will set your hair on fire here:

While you were sleeping your government relieved you of yet one more right over your life and your property.  The Obama administration has ruled that it is now illegal not to rent to people with criminal backgrounds-because of their criminal backgrounds- IF they are members of a minority group or “protected class.”

“A housing provider violates the Fair Housing Act when the provider’s policy or practice has an unjustified discriminatory effect, even when the provider had no intent to discriminate.   Under this standard, a facially-neutral policy or practice that has a discriminatory effect violates the Act if it is not supported by a legally sufficient justification.

It’s so sad that our choices for president are so poor in 2016 because this is such a pivotal moment in our country’s history. Congress’ ineffectiveness and the Supreme Court’s polarization have led to a “Super Executive” who rules by issuing orders and even more alarming, the creation of “super departments” with extraordinary, unilateral powers to affect the lives of every single American.

Some have called the EPA the 4th branch of government- well if this is so then HUD (dept. of housing and urban development) just became the 5th.

My sister, who is single, rents out her furnished basement to earn extra income. I am certain she has no idea that she can no longer screen out applicants for criminal activity if they are members of “a particular race, national origin, or other protected class” (section 3-page 2.)

I’ll let her know this morning..right after I watch the big bird.




2 thoughts on “How to stay informed and stay sane..

  1. As an employer we struggle with this too….Generally, as long as the crime is “related” to employment, we can disqualify them…but you’d be amazed at what we get challenged with. Sexual predator? That’s always relevant, yo.

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  2. My Lord..we are really at a point where our ability to make decisions for ourselves, our family, our kids and our businesses are no longer our own..and no one is looking out for the average Joe or Joann anymore! SMALL WONDER Donald Trump is so popular..I think people have had it! Just imagine being forced to rent your basement out to someone with an extensive drug should read the guidance put out by HUD..I mean it’s unbelievable- if you deny that person, the full weight of that government dept could descend on your head (like the IRS) and you are not allowed to assume that because he’s a felon he will commit more crime, that’s a discriminatory “generalization” and YOU are responsible for security to mitigate potential crime anyway…you know, the kind your new tenant might get into…
    It would be funny if it weren’t so scary.


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