Can I just have ONE good night’s sleep??

Yup, that was me last night at 2:30am, then 3:15, then 4:40 when I finally threw in the towel and rolled out of bed to make coffee.


What on earth is the matter with me? I can fall asleep just fine, it’s the staying that way that’s become the problem! I have tried to fight it, cure it, accept it.. but nothing seems to work.

I went online to look for answers and stumbled upon some recent study that tried to make  the case that good sleep is a race issue and that whites are more likely to enjoy better rest at night giving them one more unfair advantage in life.

Whaaat??  Well, I don’t need a study to see that there are people obviously deeply invested in stoking racial tension these days..I mean gee whiz- give it a rest already, do some good and help everyone sleep better!


Last night I actually watched live streaming video (twitter link on right →) of an eagle resting on its eggs in a nest dozing in and out of sleep.

It was so cute watching this majestic bird’s eyes getting heavier and heavier..finally closing and then seeing its white head slowly sink down until she (or he) rested its beak on the pile of sticks and feathers. The crickets were chirping and the wind was blowing, ruffling the feathers on it’s head and back. Every so often the eagle’s eyes would spring open, no doubt in response to some noise or movement in the tree. But this amazingly beautiful creature never got up, never moved around or tossed and turned or did anything to expose its fragile little offspring. This momma (or pappa) was totally at peace with its dual mission: to rest and protect.

Hmmm,  I just got a great idea..







    • I love the nest – not sure my husband would like it.. HA! I just got back from Costco with a bottle of melatonin-my sister swears by it..I’ll give it a shot. I have to try something because A. I look like **** and B. my sunny attitude is consistently party cloudy with a threat of hell-fire and hail at about 4pm every day…so there’s that. 💀🔥

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  1. Ah, sleep. The elusive instinct.

    I do melatonin, but I’ve also noticed that hormones play a factor. I have roughly one week a month where I won’t sleep, and have come to accept “it is what it is” and I’ll just catch up later. 🙂

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