A Bathroom Free-for-all

Last year I wrote about a transgender locker room debacle at a Planet Fitness gym in Michigan. (See below) Well, the issue has now blown up in North Carolina where the Governor is taking serious heat for striking down a newly passed ordinance that would have allowed people to use whatever bathroom or locker room they felt most comfortable in. His  concern is for women who may be exposed to men posing as transgender.

The female mayor of Charlotte promptly criticized the Governor for discriminating against a “large part of our population.”  (Please… a large part?)

Has the mayor been in a bathroom at McDonalds, the mall or a rest stop lately?  It’s bad enough to feel like you are partially exposed thanks to the gaps between the doors, but imagine now there’s a dude in there waiting for his turn.

Does the mayor belong to the “YMCA”? How would she feel taking a shower with a strange  man in the stall next to her?

Does the mayor have daughters? Do they attend public schools? Can’t you see how all this would go down with middle school boys? Uh huh…

No wonder Donald Trump is where he is today.  It’s like our politicians have gone insane. I love everybody..I really do. But if you have to use the bathroom, you should use the facility that matches what you’ve got going on under your clothes.



A real dilemma…


A woman in Michigan was recently booted from Planet Fitness because she was “behaving in a way that caused a “disruption.”  This all started when the mother of two was changing in the ladies’ locker room and a man walked in and began to take his clothes off as well. She ran straight to the desk and told them that a guy was in the ladies locker room and that she was  frightened.

The employees informed her that Planet Fitness has a “no-judgment” policy, which allows people to pick locker unisex-bathroom-logo-hirooms based on “their sincere, self-reported gender identity” which meant that this man, who later said he identified as a woman, had every right to use the ladies’ locker room to change, shower etc.

The shocked woman shared this revelation, and Planet Fitness’ policy, with other women in the gym so that they would be aware of the situation..which the gym claimed caused a “disruption” to other members resulting in the cancellation of her membership.

All I’m going to say here is that businesses need to come to terms with this in a way that protects ALL of their customers  not just emotionally, but physically as well. After reading about this,  I had to ask my daughter what she would do if she was getting out of the shower in the locker room and a 40 year old man suddenly walked in.  Is Planet Fitness seriously  comfortable telling my teenager not to apply her “judgement” or follow her instinct in that situation?

I have no idea how to solve this issue , but my guess is that just like with everything else, we will all eventually lose.


    • I totally agree. I looked it up yesterday, and according to a 2015 gallop poll, .3% of the population identifies as transgender. (yes, that’s a “.” in front of the 3- so way less than one percent. The way the press covers this issue, you’d think that 50% of today’s kids are trans, so we’d better change all the bathrooms so no one has a problem. (.3%!!) The stat i’m really worried about is what percent of men are sexual deviants. If my “lifelock” feature that maps out where sex-offenders live is any indicator, we have a lot more of them than transgenders- and beyond the privacy issue which I feel is important, I worry about perverts preying on girls.


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