The Zombies are here.

Most of us have probably seen this picture.


If you look closely, you can see that this woman’s jacket has basically been sheared in half; torn from her body by the force of one of yesterday’s bomb blasts at the Brussel’s airport. The police said they found an additional unexploded nail bomb at the same site..let that sink in for a minute- a nail bomb.

In my mind’s eye I’m trying to envision these two suicide-bomber brothers sitting at the kitchen table packing nails into a container in preparation for their deadly deed. (This wouldn’t be the first set of brothers to do so- remember Boston?)

Were these two fellas watching TV as they worked? Listening to music? munching on snacks? chatting about their plans?

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to imagine these rabid killers in modern day settings- shopping, showering, shaving..  It’s like they are extra-terrestrials- not of this earth..  foggy eyed, brain fried zombies from another planet who zip up fake skin cover-alls before they leave their homes so they blend in with the rest of humanity.

As I listen to the talking heads on TV today discuss the reasons why people commit these horrifying acts, I’m finding it ever harder to buy into their logic. Poverty, unemployment, disenfranchisement..whatever. We keep wrapping these robotic killers in our own cultural contexts so that we can create a mechanism by which we can relate to them and hopefully “cure” whatever is broken in their lives before they strike again. We see it as a personal, societal failure when a mother in San Bernardino drops her baby off at the sitter and joins her hubby on a suicidal shooting rampage. You see, if it’s our fault, we can fix it.

I’m not recommending this, but five minutes online getting an unedited glimpse of the depraved atrocities being committed by these sickos will convince you that there is no cure for whatever has mangled their minds and no, they’re not acting out because they hate their boss or the airline or that rock band.

These brothers didn’t look at that woman in the yellow jacket and think about how much they hated her.. it’s just not that personal.

These are zombies who want to kill big and die hard – period.







    • Yup. That brother and sister who were killed actually attended the same school I did in Germany, years after I graduated of course..but it brings the tragedy just a bit closer and makes it even more unsettling in its randomness. Can you imagine the parents’ agony losing their only 2 kids at once in an act so vile? I’ve been thinking about that mother for days.

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